Ever since I had an opinion on music my favorite band was always Queen. The music was electric and relatable, even more now. Freddie Mercury was so confidentially himself without any apologies. He was so open to who he really was, which has always been so refreshing to me.

My favorite song of all time has to be Don't Stop Me Now. This is because of the meaning of the lyrics intertwined with a catchy combination of music and Freddie's one of a kind voice. The meaning to be yourself and don't let anyone stop you is so upbeat and never fails to get me into a positive mood.

So, because of my obsession with this group, I decided to create my own take I use for myself when I listen to this song. This song to me is a constant reminder to succeed in what you want to and remove anything that keeps you from reaching your goals.

Recently, I have found myself slowly flourishing into a more positive and happy person. So, don't stop me now! Don't try to knock me down because I will not quit.

Don't stop me now! I am shining brighter than ever before. I am accomplishing more and more every day and succeeding at life.

I'm having such a good time… with life in general. Life is truly an amazing gift if you surround yourself with people who love and support you and everything you put your mind to.

I have recently decided life is too short to continue to involve myself in uncomfortable situations. I am going to start now and live my life to the fullest, with the most confidence as possible.

So, don't stop me now because for the rest of my life I'm gonna have myself a real good time. This is what I suggest to each and every one of you. Turn the world inside out.

Be whatever you want to be. Be a shooting star leaping through the sky. Succeed at whatever you set your mind to. Be proud of who you are.

Be unstoppable. Be fearless. Be whoever you want to be. Be unapologetically, the best version of yourself.