Why I Don't Regret Being in a Latina Sorority

Why I Don't Regret Being in a Latina Sorority

I love them like my blood sisters.

We hear it all the time, all sorority girls do is drink, have sex and fail at school. For some that's the sad reality, but for many others we've have yet to add those things on to our bucket list. Instead we are strong independent women with goals and admirations. We know what we want, but also come together to help other women succeed in this male dominated world. Joining a Latina sorority has truly been one of the best decisions in my life, it's something unexplainable because like the saying goes, "from the outside looking in you can't understand it and from the inside looking out you can't explain it." Growing up surrounded by boys and being able to count my girlfriends on one hand, I never thought in a million years I would have been part of a sisterhood but these are the reasons I would never regret joining a Latina sorority.


This world is full of negative racial wars. We see it in the media everyday, whether it be a police officer shooting another African American teen or a person killing innocent people at church. Organizations like ours strive to empower diversity and surpass the color of our skin. We believe a person is honestly beautiful by the size of their heart. In addition, we get to enrich our knowledge of other cultures. I'm not talking just about the food, cause trust me those Salvadorian pupusas are a must try, but also of their struggles and their traditions. It's a beautiful world when you discover the people who's lives surround you everyday.

Making a Difference

People can say what they want but we spend hundreds of hours serving the community. Not because it's required but it's truly from the kindness of our heart. The best moment is when you see someone smile because of the time you gave to make a difference, it's an unexplainable feeling. Plus it always becomes fun since your sisters are by your side. Like they say "who you hang out with says who you are."


You would not imagine the hundreds of people I've people I've meet because of my organization. Doors have open for me by sisters that wouldn't have opened otherwise. When a sister is in distress we lend each other a hand either by offering internships, job opportunity or even a place to stay. I could literally fly across the country tomorrow and have sisters welcome me. It might seem awk for someone but for us it's an automatic connection and it seems like we've known each other for years. Our organizations is the first step into putting your foot in the door of opportunities.


Going to college is never easy, leaving everything you've known behind is scary but being in a Latina sorority it has given me purpose, to do good in school, to improve myself professionally and most important personally. After joining my organization I became a completely different person because I saw my purpose in life and I had a group of amazing women to support all my dreams. It sounds so cliche but in a Latina sorority I realize I was worth more than I ever gave myself credit for.


Yes, we pay dues but we definitely don't pay for friends. My sisters mean so much for me because they show me true love and compassion. They have been there for my ugly cries and my brightest smile because we truly care about each other. This is the number one reason I would never regret joining a Latina sorority because if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't have ever crossed paths with these amazing women. My sisters mean so much to me not because they're my sorority sisters but because I love them like my blood sisters. Shout out to my all my lovely beautiful sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin, Sorority, Inc. especially to my chapter sisters from Epsilon Kappa, can't wait to see where life takes me with you guys by my side.

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Embrace Your Own Aesthetic And Enjoy The Adventures That Follow

When Drake said "Cause all that mattered was impressin' everybody she's known" I rolled my eyes.


People who have aesthetic Instagram feeds aren't inherently broken and we need to kill the idea that you must have low self-esteem just because you enjoy drinking Starbucks and posting a picture of the sunset.

Like anything, this is all about balance. There are many people who genuinely only do things to post about it… and I have a few words about these type of "clout chasers". At the same time, though, capturing moments in your life with a photo or planning a trip based on your Tumblr feed doesn't make your experience any less exciting or that excitement any less valid.

Recently, I went on a road trip to Toronto, Ontario. I won't lie; we spent a significant amount of time taking pretty pictures to post later. However, for me, that was part of the adventure. Pictures and especially beautiful aesthetic ones are my keepsakes from the trip. As someone who doesn't have a whole lot of money and was running on a college student's budget, I didn't pick up any postcards or t-shirts. Instead, I took pictures to have memories of myself being there.

To criticize people (and mostly it's girls who get the criticism) for taking the time to capture their moment with photographs is truly funny. "You're wasting your time and not truly enjoying it." However, the time it takes to buy keepsakes and make that purchase is just as much of a waste, so why criticize how someone else chooses to experience their time.

Interestingly enough, another major criticism comes when these pictures are posted to Instagram… as if the only purpose is to show off to others. Firstly, as with any keepsake, a little part of it is to show others what you're up to or some of your accomplishments. Being proud of traveling does not necessarily mean you're bragging about it. What's the purpose of that hoodie that you wear in public that says "Myrtle Beach"? It shows others where you have traveled. Posting it on your timeline is no different. Secondly, my Instagram is for me alone. While any number of articles can tell you about how we shouldn't get caught up in statistics and most people would agree it shouldn't be about the likes, as soon as I start to embrace that mentality and post what I enjoy on my feed, I (and others) are met with backlash for trying too hard.

It's these double standards that drive me insane. To me, it's interesting that they mostly affect women as well.

Men who flex and post pictures at parties are rarely told that they're our partying only for the post, but women meet this type of criticism constantly. Interestingly enough, sororities typically have strict policies on social media conduct, whereas; fraternities rarely do.

The idea that women are the only ones that can be self-conceited baffles me. We're constantly forced to worry about how we appear to the public, yet the moment we do-- we are criticized.

I started "living for the aesthetic" around my sophomore year of high school. As I've grown up, I've realized that this mentality has made me happier. While it's easy to take this to an unhealthy level (i.e. forcing yourself into a certain model, paying for followers, etc), in moderation it's made me feel more in control. Instead of watching these beautiful pictures fly by my feed, I've realized I can create them. I started making flower crowns or taking pictures in a field of daisies.

And then I also realized that it was causing me to surround myself with beautiful, happy things. I started going to more concerts where I could enjoy my time with artists that I liked. I could do these things because I was making a choice to. It looked beautiful on my Instagram, yes, but my social media became more of a journal where I could catalog all of my adventures.

Living for the aesthetic can lead you into some of the best moments of your life. If you want a "classic teenage memory", then go for it. I jumped off of a pier and into Lake Ontario at 1 AM recently. Did I get footage of it? For sure. Is there anything wrong with that? I don't think so. I think I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone just slightly and made a memory for a lifetime.

Yet, when I told someone this story I just got told that I only wanted to be an "annoying Tumblr girl". I just wonder what's so wrong with that? I enjoy pretty sunsets and picking daisies. I like long road trips and music festivals. And I like my strawberry Starbucks refreshers, damn it.

Do I think faking interest in something to look good online is healthy? No, but I think trying something new because you saw it online and thought it looked pretty is a great way to expand your horizons.

Recently, I've seen a lot of people quoting Drake:

"I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome

Then she finally got to Rome

And all she did was post pictures for people at home"

And I have some serious problems with this mentality. Posting photos of your adventure online is not shallow nor is it always about impressing people. Oftentimes you're showcasing your achievements for those who are important in your life. True friends would be excited to see posts about what you're doing, not discouraging of your feed. Stop making people feel bad for sharing, that's how we end up becoming detached from each other.

I'm tired of people pretending this is some "deep thought" that Drake had when really it's just another criticism of girls for being too worried about their appearances, even though that's literally all society has ever taught us to be. It seems like now if women do what society has taught them, they get dragged.

Don't be afraid to showcase your adventures. Post what you love to your social media. If what you love is happening right in front of you, don't feel bad for wanting to capture it.

Drake goes on to say "'Cause all that mattered was impressin' everybody she's known" as if girls who care about their Instagram and online presence must only care about that one thing. As if they can't enjoy their feed for themselves and women exist only to serve and impress men. Again, there are totally people out there who are struggling with their public appearance and insecurities, but please stop making fun of them… try helping them. And as for the rest of us, stop assuming our content is to impress you. Our aesthetic is ours alone and we will continue to embrace it.

Basically, stop dragging women for thriving. The end.

Cover Image Credit:

via Rachana Tith

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