Why I Don't Regret Being in a Latina Sorority

Why I Don't Regret Being in a Latina Sorority

I love them like my blood sisters.

We hear it all the time, all sorority girls do is drink, have sex and fail at school. For some that's the sad reality, but for many others we've have yet to add those things on to our bucket list. Instead we are strong independent women with goals and admirations. We know what we want, but also come together to help other women succeed in this male dominated world. Joining a Latina sorority has truly been one of the best decisions in my life, it's something unexplainable because like the saying goes, "from the outside looking in you can't understand it and from the inside looking out you can't explain it." Growing up surrounded by boys and being able to count my girlfriends on one hand, I never thought in a million years I would have been part of a sisterhood but these are the reasons I would never regret joining a Latina sorority.


This world is full of negative racial wars. We see it in the media everyday, whether it be a police officer shooting another African American teen or a person killing innocent people at church. Organizations like ours strive to empower diversity and surpass the color of our skin. We believe a person is honestly beautiful by the size of their heart. In addition, we get to enrich our knowledge of other cultures. I'm not talking just about the food, cause trust me those Salvadorian pupusas are a must try, but also of their struggles and their traditions. It's a beautiful world when you discover the people who's lives surround you everyday.

Making a Difference

People can say what they want but we spend hundreds of hours serving the community. Not because it's required but it's truly from the kindness of our heart. The best moment is when you see someone smile because of the time you gave to make a difference, it's an unexplainable feeling. Plus it always becomes fun since your sisters are by your side. Like they say "who you hang out with says who you are."


You would not imagine the hundreds of people I've people I've meet because of my organization. Doors have open for me by sisters that wouldn't have opened otherwise. When a sister is in distress we lend each other a hand either by offering internships, job opportunity or even a place to stay. I could literally fly across the country tomorrow and have sisters welcome me. It might seem awk for someone but for us it's an automatic connection and it seems like we've known each other for years. Our organizations is the first step into putting your foot in the door of opportunities.


Going to college is never easy, leaving everything you've known behind is scary but being in a Latina sorority it has given me purpose, to do good in school, to improve myself professionally and most important personally. After joining my organization I became a completely different person because I saw my purpose in life and I had a group of amazing women to support all my dreams. It sounds so cliche but in a Latina sorority I realize I was worth more than I ever gave myself credit for.


Yes, we pay dues but we definitely don't pay for friends. My sisters mean so much for me because they show me true love and compassion. They have been there for my ugly cries and my brightest smile because we truly care about each other. This is the number one reason I would never regret joining a Latina sorority because if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't have ever crossed paths with these amazing women. My sisters mean so much to me not because they're my sorority sisters but because I love them like my blood sisters. Shout out to my all my lovely beautiful sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin, Sorority, Inc. especially to my chapter sisters from Epsilon Kappa, can't wait to see where life takes me with you guys by my side.

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Scrolling Through Social Media Made Me Realize My Body Was Weird AF

Social media stopped me from ignoring my imperfections but is this for the better?

Body image is a heavily discussed topic, especially in the age of insta-baddies and workout junkies, but where does it fit in to my story? Well, it’s a pretty long one, and like most people, it starts out in middle school. Before then, I loved my body.

I could run, jump, dance just as much as I wanted. I didn’t have any physical disabilities like loose joints or one leg shorter than the other. And I loved sports. I kicked soccer balls around with other kids, and I was super competitive. If I wasn’t winning, the game wasn’t as fun, and that’s the way things went for a while. Looking back at the years from six to maybe 11, I was a pretty chubby kid. My stomach stuck out when I walked, but at the time, I had hardly noticed. The fact that this never occurred to me could have been brought by another factor: I was very tall from my age.

From the time I entered kindergarten to the end of middle school, I was the tallest person in my class.

I wore this title undefeated for several years and got used to a stranger asking, “How old are you?” with me answering honestly, and the person gawking at me, laughing, saying they thought I was five years older than I was. It was something I wore with pride. My height distinguished me, and even the kids at school knew me as "the tall girl," even the teachers. My parents, short as they are, were not amazed with my height since my uncle and his family are all so tall, but they did have high expectations for my future growth. When I was six, my doctor predicted I would grow to at least six feet by 18.

Man, was he wrong, but I wouldn’t know that until the end of middle school.

As I grew, my body did too, in strange proportions. My arms shot out and hung to my sides like those of an orangutan. My legs lengthened, leaving my upper body short, skinny and lacking a chest. As you can probably imagine, this was not a pretty picture. To make matters worse, I took zero care of my body or appearance (brushed my teeth when I felt like it and considered showers an occasional self-inflicted punishment). I wore thick framed, rectangle glasses that made me look even more unattractive, but I didn’t really care until the end of middle school when I noticed others seemed to notice the strange proportions of my body and the awkward stage of puberty I was currently suffering.

Nonetheless, high school came as a shocker. It finally hit me that my body was weird AF. Joining social media opened up a world of comparisons. First off, there were girls in my own grade who were way more developed, more aesthetically pleasing and more put together than me. And there were social media celebrities in general. It seemed, as if for the longest time, I had been cut of from the latest fashion, trends and culture all because I wasn’t connected to social networking, a seemingly off-grid existence from everything pop culture.

And when I realized it, I started scrutinizing things about my body and noticing how orangutan-y my arms were or the unevenness of my leg hair. Thankfully, things got better (and are still slowly improving). My chub has since turned to muscle, and I've developed an interest in fashion and makeup as well as grooming aspect I had constantly neglected in my earlier years.

It’s interesting how our perspectives of the world can change with the click of a button. Now, I’m more aware and self-conscious of myself in the presence of others. Things don’t get past me as easy as they did when I was younger, but it’s nice to think back to the times before I had the chance to compare myself to anyone, and I was happy just being, well, me. Big belly, long arms, rectangular frames and all.

Cover Image Credit: Sarah Olatidoye

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Buying Your First Brand-New Vehicle?

4 Pre-Purchase Considerations

Buying your first brand-new car can be considered a milestone achievement. You’ve saved and budgeted to be able to afford this purchase, but there are still a few things to consider before jumping in. To make sure you get the best deal possible on your new vehicle, be sure to take these four things into consideration.

Look at the Right Cars

Just because you have the money to buy a new car doesn’t mean you should look at every car available. This is a big purchase and you should be happy with the vehicle you choose. Do research online and even visit a few dealerships to find the right vehicle. If you are interested in a car such as the Subaru WRX, do as much research into it as possible. The average price, the options it can come with, the estimated costs of owning that vehicle should all be considered.

Loan Pre-Approval Process

If you’ve already chosen the type of car you would like, it is important to do more research when shopping for a car loan. Good credit will get you a better interest rate, but it is important to shop around as well. Some finance companies will offer better car loan rates than others, and some may require a better credit score or a different down payment. Make sure you have all paperwork gathered, such as employment pay stubs, when you discuss a car loan with a loan specialist, but don’t choose the first one to pre-approve you.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are offered at most dealerships. Some warranties are better than others, so it is important to use the information you’ve found when researching the vehicle as well as details of the warranties being offered to see if one fits your needs. It is perfectly okay to not purchase an extended warranty, but if you do it is important to choose the right one so you don’t have too little coverage or you’re not paying for more than you need.

Review All Paperwork Carefully

When you’ve chosen the right car and test driven it to make sure it is really what you want with all the options, colors, and more that you are looking for, it’s time to sign paperwork. Just because there are a lot of placed to sign on this paperwork and it will already take some time, you should slow down to make sure you are comfortable with the terms of the purchase. The excitement of walking out with the keys to your new car may make you want to rush this process, but it’s important that you don’t.

Buying a new car is a bit more involved than just stopping by the dealership, choosing the one you want, signing, and leaving. You want to make sure you get the best deal possible on the perfect car for you. Taking your time is the only way to make that happen whether you are looking for a car, truck, or SUV.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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