Don't Neglect Your Daily Nap
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Don't Neglect Your Daily Nap

If you thought naps were for preschool, you've never been to college...

Don't Neglect Your Daily Nap

I remember it like it was yesterday. Nap time began promptly at 12:30. Complete with stories, mats, and lullabies, the experience was a near-religious daily ritual, and yet, I never treated it as such. Inside my four year old, strawberry blonde and piggy tailed mind, I knew there was no time for nap time. There was, after all, so much fun to be had. The sprinklers outside called for preschoolers to sprint through them, and the freshly purchased face paint was dying to be opened. Yet there we sat; sleeping, for an hour. What a waste of time. At least, that’s how I felt 14 years ago. Oh, how the times have changed. This isn’t preschool anymore, this is college, and midterms are approaching. So, do you know what time it is? Nap time. It’s time to acknowledge that lecture hall bears striking resemblance to the monotony of a lullaby, and that desks have been provided in the absence of mats. Don’t smell the coffee, smell the chamomile. Don’t wake up. Instead, fall asleep and realize that no matter where it occurs, you can’t neglect your nap time nowadays.

1. On public transportation

I am the girl on the train, and no, I'm not referring to the highly anticipated, soon-to-be released film. I'm the other girl, the one who cannot seem to stay awake on public transportation. Despite my best efforts, every train ride is accompanied with a head bob here, and some snoring there. There's just something about that early morning and late evening commute. Perhaps the quiet conversation, beautiful scenery and heater warmth create an ideal recipe for sleep. Maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet, or even worse, is beginning to wear off. Either way, keep your eyes open for The Other Girl on The Train, because she'll be at a station near you.

2. In lecture hall

Is it just me, or is the desk the perfect shape for resting your head? Que the dim lighting and monotonous powerpoint presentation. How gracious of the university to provide such perfectly ideal sleeping accommodations.

3. On the forestry

Let's be honest: the beautiful trees that scour university campuses were not placed there for aesthetic appeal or to create an idyllic image of the laid-back college student. Instead, this forestry is where you lay back, and take an appealing nap, with a rather cool aesthetic.

4. On your laptop

Look at that typing's as if Microsoft Word was making fun of you for procrastinating on that final paper. Then the screen glare gets in your face, as if the writer's block wasn't bad enough. The assignment was due hours ago; neglecting sleep won't help now. But oh, the pillow is so far away on the opposite side of the room. Realistically, there is but one solution: let the keyboard be your pillow. You never know, maybe all those sticky keys need is a touch of drool.

5. In your bed

Oh, but that's so cliché, don't you think?

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