I Don't Know About You, But I'm Definitely Feeling 22!

Alright everyone: cue the Taylor Swift music because today, March 13th 2017 is my 22nd birthday. And you better believe it, I'm feeling 22.

It's true, today Monday, March 13th 2017 is my 22nd birthday. But hey, I'm a year of being legal. But that's not the point right? The point is there's a lot I've learned through my year of being 21. I've learned that I can't change or control everything the happens in my life and I've learned that I need to let other things go. I've been through a lot in this year of being 21 but honestly I wouldn't change any of the experiences I had for anything.

So here's some of the specific things I learned while adventuring through being 21 and something I'll probably learn during my year of 22.

I can't dwell on the things I can't change.

Right after my 21st birthday, my life got a little crazy and flipped upside down. But honestly after some soul searching I realized some things are just out of my control. Even though I'd wish I can change it or fix it somehow, I just can't and never can. That's okay though, I mean yes I think about it and get upset. I don't let it control me anymore.

I will be a strong person because I am a strong person.

I sometimes forget all the crazy things that I've been through and how I've come up on top. I sometimes forget how I have come so far from where I was before. But it's true, I will be strong because I have been strong in the past. I can control how I feel about the situation and trust me, I'll choose wisely. I will not let myself fall short because I know what I can be.

I can still be an adult.

This year of being 21 brought so many changes and opportunities. I got my nose pierced, I got a tattoo and I started to decide my future. I went looking and researching about apartments and put the deposit down and am moving in soon. (Actually moving in only a few days after my 22nd birthday). I started a new job because I wanted to become more dependent on myself. I began rationalizing and organizing myself a little more. I realized I'm growing into an adult and even though it's scary, I have those who truly care by my side.

Let them go.

In this year, like the years before it, I've gained and lost some friends. But this year seemed a little different. I lost friends because of something incredibly petty, but honestly after I stopped being upset about it, I realized something important. I need to just let them go. I need to get it all go. Dwelling on something or someone that hasn't even truly been a huge part of my life wasn't worth it. Once I let them go, I felt better about life and even about myself.

21 brought adventure, 22 will bring more.

During my year of 21, I ventured to North Carolina and Atlantic City, New Jersey with my boyfriend. We also explored Lancaster, Pa. We experienced concerts, new foods, and a new perspective on life. We tried new things and enjoyed our comforts a little more. 21 gave me time to explore different possibilities and I'm only hoping 22 will bring more fun and adventures.

22 leads to 23.

If blink-182 is right, nobody will like me when I'm 23.

But honestly, I'm excited for what 22 is going to bring me and all the experiences I'm going to have. I'm excited for the lessons I'll learn and the adventures I'll have. I can't wait to grow more into an adult and do more growing like I did in my year of 21. I can't wait to be able to look back and say, hey I did this while I was 22. And let's hope 22 is far better than 21. And I'm sure it will!

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