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Mom is expecting you to show up at home with a fistful of flowers, but you’re up to your eyebrows studying for your chemistry final. How are we supposed to handle Mother’s Day long distance?No worries. I have compiled a few tips that can make gift giving simple for moms of all kinds.Sporty Mom. This gal wakes up after a night out in the city and runs 10 miles while still managing to maintain supermom mode. For this one of a kind lady, you need to think practical and functional. If you have deep pockets, get online and ship some Lululemon running pants or a cute headband. Gifting Lulu might break the bank, but the payoff is that you’ll quickly become the favorite child in her heart.  Maybe resist one or two late night Antonio runs to save up.      

Chocaholic Mom. 
How much easier can it be than arranging for delivery of a few pounds of Fannie May chocolates? Warning: by the time you finish finals and show up at home, she may be cranky due to the extra pounds that serve as a reminder of your very thoughtful, high calorie gift. While chocolate is an easy choice, beware. 

Aging Sorority Girl Mom.
 Ever wonder if the best day of her life was her own bid day multiple decades ago, instead of the day you were born? Bring back the good memories for her by updating her Greek wardrobe with a quick trip to Tee Shurt. Send her a noodie or maybe a coffee mug emblazoned with her Greek letters. You do know her sorority right? Both are guaranteed to transport her back to the wild, happy and carefree days before you were born.  Maybe even throw together a basket with a neon frat tank and a hot pair of running shorts – letters on the backside optional – to make her feel young again.

Pet Lover Mom. 
You know that cute pup you fell in love with last week at the Humane Society? Now’s the time to go for it. Tell Mom you wanted to give her a furry, four-legged friend to cuddle while you are away at the U of I, working hard to pursue your degree. You might even want to throw in a doggie stroller to appeal to her inner mommy. 

Traveler Mom.
 Summer (otherwise known as vacay season) is right around the corner. Make sure that any long hours she plans to spend on an airplane will fly by for her by gifting her with a cushy neck pillow, comforting eye mask and a snuggly, rollable micro-fleece blankie so she has sweet dreams on her next trip. Maybe she’ll even take you along.

Illini Alum Mom. 
If your girl is anything like my mom, she is likely to still be craving the good ol’ Papa Del’s pizza.  Send a sweet, “I owe you,” text on Mother’s Day and make sure she knows you’ll be bringing her a frozen pizza, with her choice of toppings, when you arrive home after finals. Gifting dilemma solved.  

Now, get back to the books because you know that the second most important gift your mom wants is for you to graduate, which will lead you to the gift she wants most of all: for you to find a good job.

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