There Is NO Reason For You To Not Wear Your Mask
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Don't Be A Karen, Just Wear Your Flippin' Mask

The longer you don't wear a mask, the longer the rest of us will have to.

Don't Be A Karen, Just Wear Your Flippin' Mask

It's official! The US now has more coronavirus cases than all of Europe! Even with three months of staying at home, working from our bedrooms, and ordering take-out, we still manage to keep spreading this virus.

If I see one more video of someone refusing to wear a mask into a business, I might just scream.

First of all, any business has the right to deny entry. So, you aren't entitled to call the police any more than they are. Secondly, we know you don't have a "disability" that prevents you from wearing a mask safely. And if you did have that said disability, you sure as heck wouldn't want to get this virus.

But most of all, I don't understand what the hassle of wearing a mask is all about.

It's a piece of cloth that covers half your face and can save lives. Not to mention, if you stay at home like you should be doing, you wouldn't have to wear one! Now isn't really the time to be shopping for fun or drinking at the bar with strangers. Let's save the mask-wearing for the grocery stores. While you're there, you might thank the employees who have masks on for eight-hour shifts and don't complain about it.

Masks can even be fun if you allow them to be. I picked out some crazy patterns from my local Joann's and used it to make a variety of masks I can pair with my outfits. And if that isn't your thing, then stick with the classic blue ones. Either way, you'd be making a difference.

Being in any establishment is a privilege and if you don't follow the rules, you don't deserve to be there. By not wearing a mask, you're putting others at risk who are following the correct precautions. Unless you want this to go on until January of next year, I suggest you get your priorities straight. The longer you don't wear a mask, the longer the rest of us will have to.

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