Kids are often taught to "Think before you speak" - a phrase heard in many kindergarten and elementary classrooms. Whether Donald Trump skipped kindergarten or he's forgotten the life lessons of his youth, it is clear Trump is neither thinking before speaking or even thinking at all. The majority of the United States is now familiar with Trump's daily tweets that seem suspiciously like a three-year-old sitting behind the computer in Trump Tower pouring his or her heart out without exactly a deep and meaningful understanding politics. These tweets border a close line between laughable and absurd.

It is clear the public has been focusing their attention on Trump; liberals have labeled him as dense and journalists have created an image of a whiny, arrogant child. Articles that are trending on twitter and facebook, hashtags, posts, and comments on Facebook walls all seem to revolve around Trump. With all this attention on the president, most would think that his political actions would be under the spotlight. In truth, such policies have taken a starring role right outside the main spotlight.

With both houses of Congress under Republican control, and the legislative bills that have been passed to Trump are absolutely terrifying policies of radical right-wing ideologists. From criminalizing abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood to repealing protection of wildlife and terminating the Environmental Protection Agency, the GOP has been deconstructing the very country the Obama administration had worked hard to build up and reform.

It is important to understand that Trump and his Republican party are more than just tweets of the president being wire-tapped by Obama or twitter wars with Mark Cuban. It is unclear whether Trump's relationship with his twitter account is a strategic choice of distraction or a ploy to drag attention away from political acts. Whatever it is, it seems to be working rather well for the Trump administration. Amidst the chaos and distraction, the Republicans have managed to pass multiple bills that are often overshadowed by Trump's actions on social media.

It is time for journalists to step up and honor the purpose of journalism; show people what's actually going on with our country. Or else come 2018, the United States won't look like the country of freedom that Lady Liberty tries to represent.