Domestic Violence VS The Kardashians

Domestic Violence VS The Kardashians

In a world overrun by the media and its celebrities, do our puny efforts even make a difference?

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Actress Amber Heard just donated seven million dollars to domestic violence and children's charities. This money was a result of the divorce settlement between her and Johnny Depp: a one-and-done payment promptly donated to the causes nearest her heart. Do I know certainly what happened with the pair? No. Do I know how it is to shrug it off in the name of love, or for no one to believe you when it counts? Yes. To be blamed for actions you didn't do? Indeed. Do you know how these things feel? Quite possibly. Yet now, though thousands of voiceless victims are being helped, the media still rages that she's a "liar" or just "wants his money"—despite how she'll be solely responsible for $1.4 million to the IRS since the $7M is considered income. Heard has stated clearly that "money played no role for [me] personally and never has, except to the extent that [I] could donate it to charity and, in doing so, hopefully, help those less able to defend themselves.” ("OK, I'm just here for the Kardashians, get on with it...")

I shared this charity headline to my Facebook page hours after it happened, commending her on her efforts, and closing with "(Take note, Kardashians.)". My intentions were to highlight a good deed, and as an afterthought, suggest that those who I only ever see tearing others down or promoting themselves, do the same. Rather than focus on the positive, as social media would have it**, this positive post ignited a feud on whether the Kardashians are decent or even charitable people, what exactly they've done or haven't done, all the way down to whether they're involved in pornography and how they can be found both shaming and "uplifting" feminism all in the same day. (I ended up learning they'd donated after Hurricane Katrina, which hit my town, so thanks for that at least, Kardashians.) Somehow, this infamous clan had managed to hi-jack an otherwise happy post on abuse victims receiving much-needed help.
** Their fans are quite possibly more devout than Taylor Swift's "Swifties" or One Direction's "Directioners."

So upon seeing what my post had spiraled into, it occurred to me: why does it matter what others have done at this moment? I'm glad they have helped — I mean, they're senselessly rich for being rich, with nothing to do... they should be charitable. Yet, Heard's fantastic efforts toward helping domestic violence survivors are completely undermined by what readers think her intentions were, and what other more popular people have done. How hard is it to acknowledge that a good deed has been done, and leave it at that? Others' actions do not nullify hers. In fact, even if she was lying from the jump and staged everything (which is impossible no matter how you slice or dice it, but theoretically speaking...), these victims, or fighters rather, now will have more access to resources, shelter, and be more empowered to access safety, freedom, and a fulfilling life.

Who cares about the nitty gritty and side stories when it comes down to it? We'll probably never meet any of these celebrities. Regardless of who helped/how/why, can't we all just feel the love in how many lives will be changed forever from these efforts? And from all efforts small and large, actually. Any help is huge, no matter who you're helping or how. But just talking about it won't do anything. Props to Amber, and the Kardashians, too, and me for what I do, and for whatever you do, too! It kind of makes you want to go stop micro-probing/questioning every situation, and just go help the world a little yourself, doesn't it?

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