I feel like it’s an ongoing argument between animal owners everywhere on which makes a better pet: a cat or a dog? We all have our reasons why we prefer one animal over the other, but here are my 9 reasons why I believe dogs are better than cats.

1. Dogs are always willing to cuddle with you.

Had a bad day? No problem. Your dog will make the perfect cuddle buddy while you eat ice cream and cry over that stupid boy.

2. They're always so happy to see you.

If you've been going for days or just 5 minutes, every time your dog sees you, they instantly get SO happy. Knowing you give your pet that much joy makes me happy too.

3. They're the perfect travel partner.

Car rides, swimming, a walk in the park, you name it and your dog will be down for it.

4. They make a great wingman.

Having a dog is the perfect conversation starter for any situation. Whenever I see someone walking a dog, I never hesitant to ask to pet their dog. It's a great way to meet new people!

5. They are smart.

Dogs can be trained to do some pretty incredible things. For example, my uncle is paralyzed and had a service dog that would open doors, turn off lights, and would even go get food for my uncle out of the fridge!

6. They love laying around and being lazy with you.

if you just want to be lazy all day long, then you won't hear your dog complain because he'll be laying in bed with you. They also make great heating pads for your feet.

7. They're loyal.

Dogs are so incredibly loyal to their owners. My boyfriend's dog NEVER leaves his side and the bond that they have is beautiful.

8. They're great listeners.

Plus great secret keepers.

9. They are truly man's best friend.

And they're super cute. What more could you want?