Short Story On Odyssey: The Death Of 5 Puppies On Valentines Day
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Short Story On Odyssey: The Death Of 5 Puppies On Valentines Day

A short story of how my Valentines Day was not as sweet as I wanted...

Short Story On Odyssey: The Death Of 5 Puppies On Valentines Day
Chloe Black

I woke up and walked across campus on a windy but nice Thursday, a good placed day for Valentines Day. I was excited about the plans I had coming up later that afternoon. I woke up and got ready for my 8:30 a.m. class. I dressed very comfortably because I was planning on wearing dressy clothes that night. I also didn't put on any makeup due to the nightly plans as well.

Walking to my class I could remember thinking about my day's class schedule and how nice my day was going to be. My first class would be aural skills, a singing class and also the hardest class of my day. GSW, a writing class, was my next class and that's just normally me working on my own for a future project coming up. Then lastly, choral technique, a class designed for students to learn how to be a great future music teacher. The first couple of classes went by smoothly and surprisingly fast. I could see the finish line approaching and the excitement of getting dolled up grew. I went back to my dorm to check off some small errands. At 11:15 I put on my coat and walked out into the warmer but still nippy cold air. In choral tech, the class was to present a small task and teach each step to the task in 3 minutes or less. Pretty simple and straightforward.

I presented the healthy way to brush and comb hair, which went great. The class was fun, I learned how to make paper into a square to pass notes easier, to draw a cool looking "s," how to make the "s" three dimensional, to draw Fred Flinstone (still impressed with myself), how to make an origami heart, and a short story to go with how to draw a dog. It felt nice to joke around and bond with fellow classmates without the stress of an actual presentation. However, the class was coming to a close, and we had time for one more task. A guy named Chris was up and his presentation was what ruined my Valentines.

Chris was a music major, but he also had a hidden talent. Chris was a clown. He gave us all a balloon and told us to do what he did. He took one side of the balloon and bent it. Then twisted the area around the bend. He told us we were about to make our own little puppies that even the campus will accept. The class was so ecstatic to be soon owners of puppies! As we were all about to take this big step into ownership, my baby puppy to be started to shrivel up like a raisin. I didn't understand what was happening to my doggie. When I realized the small hole on his neck, it was too late. My premature puppy had died in my arms. I did not get to meet this small puppy, but I am sure it would have been my best friend. With the whole class looking at my dead puppy in my hands, I kept my composure. Chris had seen what had happened and told me to go on with his yellow dog. He had already done the first few steps so as a class we continued I made the front legs.

I was so smiling ear to ear because I could see my dog taking shape. As we were, as a class, all about to make the ears Chris stopped us and said that there will be some pressure. He explained that it was normal and that it would not pop on us bending it. I twisted and I heard the loudest pop in my life. I found out soon after that is was a cry of my sweet yellow dog. Combusted and shredded to pieces. All I wanted to do was cry, I had just murdered my animal. Having to deal with yet another loss, I wanted to stop the madness and give up. However, I had a feeling that a third time would be the charm.

Quickly, I grabbed a white balloon. Made the tail and the back legs going for the front legs. I then was immediately indulged in a shake of despair, my new puppy was left like the other two prior, dead and lifeless. My heart was crushed. I didn't understand how I could not produce a full puppy. Having lost three out of three of my babies, I gave up and sat waiting for the class to finally be over. Chris had another idea for me though, he had given me another pre-made puppy. All it needed was to successfully complete the step I have been messing up the last twenty minutes of class. Easy, Right?

Wrong! I stared at this poor puppy, knowing how it's life is going to end. As I pet the unmade dog, I thought about how short its' life was actually going to be. They wouldn't remember a thing. Never even got to think about snagging food off the table or playing with chew toys. I will remember though. All of the heartbreak I went through this Valentines Day. I will remember holding the first puppy in my hands and seeing the other two all combusted. Also, how this young dog that I have in my hands is most likely going to end up like the others. As I rummaged through my thoughts, I reflected on how I can save this dog. In lightning speed, I had an Idea.

My last hope was about to be tested. I untwisted the dog, carefully, one twist at a time. Then I tried to even out the air and the composition of the dog. After, I started again to build a dog. The tail and hind legs were put back in place in no time. The front legs went strong and then it was the ears. Just as the instructor excused us, The poor dog rang like a school bell. Everyone evacuated the area and I was left to pick up the pieces of my four dead dogs. Having the most disappointing day of my life, I walk out of the classroom. I was exiting the building when I saw some of my classmates talking, we talked about my unsuccessful task.

One of the girls had two puppies and a premature one. She felt bad about what had happened to me that she gave me one of her dogs! I was so thankful and ecstatic. I, already planning things to do with my new puppy, hopped out of the building. I was still sad about the other puppies that I told myself that this one would live the best life possible, for the other puppies. As soon as I got to my dorm, I immediately shared my story with my roommates. I set down my light pink puppy on my desk and my bookbag on the floor. I gave all the details of my day to my roommates. Thinking about what I would possibly name my new dog, I went to the bathroom.

I walked out of the bathroom and towards my room door when I hear a noise.

The noise was way too familiar and hit too close to home to be anything else. Terrified about what I would see, I walked into my room to see my new dog, small and deflated. I had not even gotten to name her before she passed. I started to cry and I walked out to tell my roommates the news.

I guess this puppy was not fit for the world, just like her siblings. I wanted to do something for her, and her siblings. I decided to have a burial for her. Gravestone and all. I know she never grew up, and never lived a normal balloon dog life, but she was and still is loved.

Rest in peace balloon puppies; I hope you all get happy lives where ever you are all going.

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