The Best Advice I Can Give Anyone Struggling With Divorced Parents

The Best Advice I Can Give Anyone Struggling With Divorced Parents

In the end, your parents love you no matter what.


Everyone who has divorced parents knows the struggle. Having to pack all your things up every week or twice a week just to unpack and then pack again a couple days later. Always being put in the middle of your parent's feuds. Never feeling like you get enough time with one of your parents during visits.

Here is some good advice that I've learned from having divorced parents:

Try to get two of everything.

The most frustrating thing for me was leaving my shampoo or foundation at my dad's house when I was going to my mom's house or vice versa. This doesn't necessarily apply if your parents live close to each other but, mine lived an hour away from each other. Try to get two items in as much as possible because it will make life a lot easier.

Don't play your parents against each other.

Let me tell you right now, this never works out in your favor. If one parent says 'no' and the other says 'yes' don't do anything until both parents agree. If you end up doing what the one parent said 'no' to, it will no doubt end in a fight. This is especially a bad idea when your parents ended on bad terms. Don't rock the boat more than it already is.

If you're an only child, blame it on the dog.

There is no sibling to blame things on when you mess up. Own up to your mistakes or just blame it on the dog. No, I'm just joking, try to always own up to your mistakes and faults. It will allow you to become a stronger individual.

Spend time with your parents, they miss you when you're gone.

Going back and forth from each parents house can get draining emotionally and physically. Try to spend as much time as you can with your parent when you're home because they miss you when you're gone, and I'm sure you miss them too.

Don't let your parents put you in the middle.

Sometimes it's easy for your parents to vent about the other parent to you. Don't let them. It creates tension and drama that is unnecessary.

The most independent and empowering times I've had living with divorced parents was when I turned sixteen and when I turned eighteen. When I turned sixteen, my papa and nana gave me a really nice car and I'm so thankful for that. It was the key to my independence, away from my parents. It was my escape during the day to just have some time alone.

Then, when I turned eighteen I was off to college. I have a love-hate relationship with college. But I wouldn't choose any other path for myself. It was the best decision for myself to grow as an individual. The hard thing about college and having divorced parents is balancing your time with each of them. It takes some planning and time management. But ultimately, make sure to do what is best for you.

In the end, your parents love you no matter what.

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We're All Just Growing Up

We're all going on our separate paths, but we're growing nonetheless.


Honestly, its still weird to see everyone I grew up with and went to school with, just going forward in their lives. No, I'm not hating and wanting them to stay stuck. It's nothing like that. It's more amazement than anything else.

When you're a kid, you're always talking about what you want to be when you're an adult. You talk about the life you want to live and the things you want to do and accomplish. So when you're getting closer to the age of adulthood, you get cold feet. At least I do. Just a tiny bit.

It's more so because of where I'm at in my journey and the current path that I'm on. My friends and I may be there beside each other along the way, but that doesn't mean our paths have the same obstacles and ending.

For me, I'm still in college. I'm in the process of doing research and searching for grad schools. I'm looking for schools that have the program I desire and to see if some schools have Ph.D. programs that I can go straight into and earn my Master's along the way.

I have people I graduated with who are in college still, but I don't know their goals post-graduation. I have friends who are working towards their career all while starting their own families (I'm so proud of y'all). I enjoy seeing how everyone has started to come into their own. We are trying to do the best we can with the tools we were given plus what we have to learn on our own.

Also, sometimes I feel left behind when I see that some of my friends are getting married and starting their lives. I just feel as if I'm not where I'm supposed to be and it honestly makes me question myself along with my goals. Like, am I not doing enough? Am I'm just moving to slow or am I on my right path, going the correct speed?

Then I realize that I can't compare my journey with everyone else's. I have my own path that I need to focus on so that I can get to wherever I'm going. I can't live my life if I'm constantly worried about whether or not I need to do the same thing as my other friends. I'll get there in my own terms and time.

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