Disney World is better than Disneyland
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5 Reasons Disney World is Better Than Disneyland

Bigger is not always better (expect in the case of the Disney theme parks)

5 Reasons Disney World is Better Than Disneyland
Obie Dieke

Having been to both Disney theme parks, I am often asked by many people which one do I prefer. "Disney World or Disneyland?". For me, there is no contest. Disney World is much better than Disneyland. In response to a previous Odyssey article " 5 Reasons Disneyland is better than Disney World " that was posted earlier this year, here are five reasons why Disney World is better.

1. Four Parks vs Two Parks

Clockwise: Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot Obie Dieke

Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are the four parks that make up Disney World. I personally love each one of them because they are very different from one another. It is also impossible to visit Disney World in one day, therefore, you can never truly be bored. Disneyland, on the other hand, has only two parks that are close by to each other. After being in Disneyland for not even a full day, I was bored and ready to go home.

2. The Water Parks

Blizzard Beach Obie Dieke

One of the things that I love most about Disney World is that in addition to the four parks, there are two water parks. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Both of these water parks are different from each other. While Blizzard gives off a winter in the summer vibe, Typhoon has a more tropical feel to it. While I think Typhoon is the better of the two, both of them are perfect for a thrill. How many water parks does Disneyland have? Exactly.

3. More Resort Options.

Disney's Grand Floridian Obie Dieke

Want to take a vacation to Disney and stay on property. Disney World has 25 resorts to choose from. Each of the resorts has a different theme. If you in the mood for an Island getaway then Disney' Caribbean beach resort is the perfect option. If you are in the mood for a more Marvelous experience, then the Grand Floridan is a good option for you and so forth. Because there 25 resorts there is something for everybody. Want to say at a resort at Disneyland, well you only have three options. That's right Disneyland only has 3 resorts.

4. Orlando > Anaheim

Orlando Obie Dieke

Sure, Anaheim has a lot to offer but in my opinion, Anaheim has nothing on Orlando. Orlando is a relativity affordable city in comparison to Anaheim. For those who love the theme parks and want to live as close as possible, you are trying to live close to one of the theme parks you can save a great deal of money by living in Orlando, instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money trying to live in Anaheim.

5. The Castle

Magic Kingdom Obie Dieke

I went to Disneyland before going to Disney World. So when I first went to Disney Land for the first time and I saw the castle I was impressed. However, my feelings changed when I saw the castle at Disney World. The castle in Disney World is massive and it is incomparable. It makes the castle at Disneyland almost look like a joke.

People say that Disney World is just a bigger Disneyland. I agree exactly with that, it is indeed a bigger Disneyland. However it is so much more than that. Since Disney World opened after Disneyland, everything that Disneyland did Disney World did better.

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