31 disney world date ideas for couples
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31 Of The Best Things To Do With Your S.O. At Disney World

Can you feel the love tonight?

31 Of The Best Things To Do With Your S.O. At Disney World
Ana Paula Ricalde Muench

If you're like most people, whenever you hear the words "Walt Disney World", you tend to associate them with kids, families and maybe even your childhood. But if you're traveling to Disney World with your significant other (or if you live in Orlando and need to change things up a little bit), you'd be surprised to see just how much you can do together as a couple. Just make sure to read through this list and plan ahead, because some of these things require reservations!

1. Watch IllumiNations from the Japan Pavilion in the World Showcase (before it goes away later this year).


2. Ride the mountain trifecta at the Magic Kingdom (Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain). 

3. Depending on the season, enjoy one of Epcot's amazing festivals (Festival of the Arts, Flower & Garden Festival, Food & Wine Festival, and Festival of the Holidays). 

4. Watch Happily Ever After from one of the monorail resorts (Grand Floridian Resort, Contemporary Resort, and Polynesian Resort). 

5. Go bowling at Disney Springs.

Peter Heelinghttps://skitterphoto.com/photos/290/strike

6. Grab some ice cream and walk around the Boardwalk. 

7. Meet each other's favorite characters. 

8. Go on Kilimanjaro Safaris and take lots of pictures. 

9. Book an exclusive dessert party for your favorite fireworks show. 

10. Make dining reservations for any of the restaurants in the World Showcase.


11. Grab a Fantasmic! FastPass+ and watch the show from the first rows. 

12. Walk down Main Street, U.S.A. and take pictures together. 

13. Go see a movie at Disney Springs. 

14. Try to conquer the four parks in one day challenge. 

15. Pack a nice lunch and have a picnic on the hub grass at the Magic Kingdom.


16. Drink around the World Showcase. 

17. If you don't drink, eat around the World Showcase. 

18. Grab some Italian gelato and sit by the Fontana di Trevi at the Italy Pavilion in the World Showcase. 

19. Ride all tree rides in Toy Story Land. 

20. Have tea at the Grand Floridian while listening to the live band play.

Ana Paula Ricalde Muench

21. Disney bound as your favorite Disney couple. 

22. Watch Rivers of Light. 

23. Take part in one of the many dance parties Disney World has to offer. 

24. Ride Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel together and take pictures of each other. 

25. Ask a PhotoPass cast member to take your picture with the Tangled lantern. 

26. Count your change and press a few pennies.


27. Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (go get your free pack of cards at the Fire Station!). 

28. Ride the Aerophile Balloon at Disney Springs (try to time it with a fireworks show!). 

29. Ride Astro Orbiter at night. 

30. Watch the Electrical Water Pageant from the Contemporary Resort.

Walt Disney Worldhttps://disneyworld.disney.go.com/es-us/entertainment/magic-kingdom/electrical-water-pageant/

31. Go on a carriage ride at the Fort Wilderness Resort. 

As you can see, Disney World can be quite fun for adults and couples too! It really just comes down to you opening your heart and your mind, and you'll surely have a magical time with your significant other.

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