The Little Mermaid Reboot Isn’t For You Or The Kids, It's For Protecting Disney Licenses
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The Reboot Isn’t For You Or The Kids, It's For Protecting Licenses

Stop being mad about every single Disney remake, they're only protecting their ownership of the characters.


Disney is shoving live-action reboots of childhood classics like "Aladdin" and "Beauty and the Beast" down our throats like nobody's business and after reactions to the announcement of the upcoming reboot of basic white girl fave "The Little Mermaid," I'm beginning to think I'm the only adult not totally traumatized by it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing out to see these films on release day, but I'm also not starting petitions to have Roger Iger burned at the stake.

If you're angry the new version of "The Little Mermaid" is going to have iconic mermaid Ariel depicted by a black actress, well you might be a racist asshat, but furthermore, you're really not getting what this is all about. And that goes for any of you mad about any Disney reboot that isn't living up to your ludicrous expectations. You see, these movies aren't being made so young kids will love the same things that made our childhoods so epic or so the insane capitalization on our generation's love of all things nostalgic can keep trucking on (okay, well maybe a little bit that) but so Disney can keep suing people who use their licensed characters without permission.

Disney owns a disgustingly large amount of franchises (see "Star Wars" and all things Marvel) and animated characters (do I really need to say more than "The Mouse"?) that are coveted throughout the nostalgia industry. In licensing deals alone Disney generated nearly $57 billion in revenue in the year 2017. Simple ownership of any property that can make you that much money in a year is likely worth protecting.

So maybe you're saying, "Okay Jessica, but THEY OWN IT NOW!" and that's fair to say, but because of copyright laws, those protections don't last forever.

But what Disney and plenty of other entities out here "bringing back your favorite show" understand is that if they release something new, with the same characters, locations and plotlines, they'll be able to effectively double down on their ownership extending the amount of time the works belong to them before entering the public domain.

I'm not saying this means the films are inherently bad or that any creators returning to their former works are sellouts, but also, why was Emma Watson "Belle"? It was because it wasn't about making the perfect homage to a beloved classic, but because it would protect what matters; the princesses.

To be honest, if you don't like the movies, I think that's a totally rational point of view. If you love the movies that option is also in the completely acceptable category. But what I really think is that if you hate them simply for not being the thing you love but a bastardized version, then you should probably grow the fuck up and just buy the original on Blu-Ray and watch that over and over and over again since you love it so goddamn much.

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