5 Disney Movies To Watch On Valentine's Day With Your S.O.

Wish to spend Valentine's Day with your significant other by re-watching Disney movies together but you don't know which movie to start? Here are some top picks on creating the romantic mood between you and your significant other:

1. "Lady and the Tramp"

Remember that scene when the spaghetti scene when Lady and Tramp kiss while "Bella Notte" plays in the background? And remember the following scene when Lady and Tramp have a lovely stroll around a park filled with couples and a reprise of "Bella Notte" plays in the background? Watching this charming movie that centers upon two dogs of different upbringings will make sparks fly between you and your significant other.

2. "Tangled"

Now, who can forget that scene when Flynn and Rapunzel see the sky lanterns and reveal their love for each other through the song "I see the Light"? And who else can forget Flynn risking his life to save Rapunzel from spending her life with her captor, Gothel? If you're hoping for a magical night between you and your significant other, then this is the movie for you.

3. "Princess and the Frog"

The burning chemistry between the hardworking Tiana and the spoiled Prince Naveen will melt your hearts. From their time together, love blossoms between the two and Tiana finds herself a new dream. And that is, to spend their lives together even if they stay as frogs.

4. "Beauty and the Beast"

Sorry, I'm not talking about live-action starring Emma Watson. I'm taking about the animated classic that is still loved today. Who doesn't love to see Belle put up with the hot-tempered Beast through humorous and cute interactions? And who doesn't love to see the scene when they're dancing together in a beautiful ballroom while Mrs. Potts sings "Tale as Old as Time"? This breathtaking movie will make you and your significant other fall in love again and again.

5. "Hercules"

What else can be more amusing than seeing the kind and strong demi-god falling in love with the voluptuous mortal woman Megara, who secretly works for the villain scheming the hero's doom? Even more, remember when Hercules goes into the afterlife and frees Meg from the Styx river in exchange for his life? And most importantly, remember the final scene when Hercules chooses to remain with Meg as a mortal instead of joining with the gods? This movie will definitely touch your hearts and fill you with romantic vibes!

What are you waiting for? Go get romantic and turn on those Disney movies!

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