It's True, Women Are Still Not Equal To Men In Today's Society

I Am A Woman And You Have No Right To Restrict Me Based On My Gender

The problem is not women wanting to express themselves. The problem is men not knowing how to behave.


I am a woman and I will do what I want to do.

Growing up in a pretty conservative family, I was always told the basic garbage:

You're a girl. You should know your limits and stay within them. You can't go out late at night, even if all your friends are going. It doesn't matter how hot it is outside, those shorts can't be too short. Why are you even talking to boys?

But honestly, I've had enough of this, and so should everyone else. I am a woman and I can do anything and everything my heart desires.

If you want to restrict me, do it based on my abilities or the lack of them. But do not tell me I cannot do something because I am a woman by gender.

Being a woman does not make me any lesser than a boy. Here are six ways women are equal — or greater — than men:

1. Men would not be here if it weren't for women

So next time a man wants to say something, he better think before speaking.

2. If it were not for the women's sacrifices, men today would not be in all these high positions

Never take me for granted and put me down. In all of history, wives sacrificed their lives to support their husbands and mothers brought up these men through the hardest struggles. So if anything, men should be grateful for us. We, women, are the reason behind their success.

3. Men only have high salaries because women are not treated equally

Before any man comes to me and boasts his salary in my face, he needs to realize that indirectly I am the reason behind all that money he is making. He does not deserve that paycheck. The day women successfully close off this gender pay gap, we'll the workforce who takes home more money.

4. Women mature a lot faster than men

Men mature at 43. 43!!! Before that, they just depend on all the women in their lives to take care of them. They cannot take care of themselves emotionally. Women mature years earlier because of all the responsibilities and norms they have to follow.

5. Masculinity falls quite short to femininity

Women give birth and it hurts so much. It's one of the most painful things anyone can feel. But men, if they get kicked in their private part, it's game over.

6. Men seem to not know how to behave in society

Women are always told to restrict themselves because of how men will look at them. They cannot wear short dresses or stay out late because men will stare them down or do something to them. The problem is not women wanting to express themselves, the problem is men not knowing how to behave.

So the next time, a man wants to tell me that I cannot do something, please think about yourself first. I am a woman and I will do what I want to do.

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Let Me Set The Record Straight: Being Pro-Life Does Not Make Me Anti-Woman

Supporting a child's right to life does not mean that I don't support women's rights.


The past few weeks from a political standpoint have been characterized by the ongoing debate between pro-life advocates and pro-choice supporters. In this debate is the accusation from pro-choicers that those on the pro-life side of the argument are against women based solely on their beliefs surrounding abortion.

As a pro-life woman myself, I can honestly say that this is a ridiculous assumption. Sure, from a pro-choice standpoint, I can see how my opinions may come off as being anti-woman. But, if you look at it from mine, you would be able to see just how untrue that claim really is.

To you, it may seem that I, along with every other pro-lifer, am trying to take away the right of a woman to choose what to do with her body. But I don't see it this way at all. To me, I am advocating for the life of the child, which I believe is a separate human person at all stages of life.

I am not advocating for taking away a woman's constitutional rights. I am just trying to make sure that a woman does not have the power to take away the life of her child. I don't see the argument as just pertaining to the rights of the mother, but also those of her child.

I support equal rights and I commend those fighting for them on behalf of all women. I think women should have the same rights as men, but I don't think that being entitled to an abortion is one of those rights. Being pro-life does not mean that I am against women; it makes me supportive of the life of all babies, inside the womb or not, and I will not apologize for believing in that.

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If You Support This New Abortion Bill, I Don't Know You

Bob mistakes the new bills being passed as being pro-life. Be smart. Don't be Bob.


Dear every woman and every person with a uterus, every person with a daughter, wife, or sister:

I'm sorry.

There never should have come a day where women feel trapped in their own bodies, forced to live lives that they can't. The Disney Princesses never could have prepared you for this chain around your neck and rope around your hands, being led by the men of your life as well as those in the government.

I'm sorry you're living in a messed up situation and a messed up country.

Welcome to America, where we boast about greatness with nothing to back it up.

Welcome to the country where we yell about progress but leap back centuries.

Women are forced to shout from rooftops, streets, and stress on social media. Even if there is a difference of opinion on whether pro-life or pro-choice is better, these laws being passed are neither. They are pro-punishment. They are anti-women.

These laws are the beginning of a horrible story, let me paint that picture for you.

Orphanages are overflowing, even more than they were years before. No politician could understand what was going on. Every child is a gift from God but their horrible mothers can't see it that way. What do you mean they should have control of their bodies?


Women are incubators stuck in a world of black and white. There is no grey area. They were given rights and it was too much, they had to be stripped away. Women are mothers. Caregivers only. No doctor, therapist, retail worker, manual laborer is a woman. They couldn't handle it.

Women are useful for pleasure and birthing, nothing more.

They move in repetitive motion, forced into a life they never wanted and can do nothing about. They marry, get pregnant, have a child and raise it with the amount of love for a bug because it was never their choice. Their mothers died in childbirth because having them was too much for their bodies but couldn't get an abortion.

The funeral for their sister who was forced to carry her rapists' baby is the day after next. She had committed suicide. She was too mentally and psychologically scarred. The baby will grow up without a mother. She was too young, only 14.

The women cry in silence. It's a man's world and they're just living in it, not allowed to express themselves or save themselves from the torture of a known and unwanted future.

A woman was sentenced to prison because of a miscarriage. She cried for days without speaking because she lost her child that she loved and yet was still told that she was a murderer. That she deserved this punishment she couldn't prevent and didn't cause. She died inside that day and will likely die sooner than she should have.

Because the separation of church and state seemed to no longer matter and the women didn't matter to the men who wanted to control them all.

One girl was arrested after having a miscarriage due to her abusive husband beating her repeatedly, throwing her headfirst down a flight of stairs, kicking her in the abdomen. She felt horrible, psychically and emotionally but was relieved (on a small level) to see the blood because that meant her child would not be forced to endure the same pain as she.

These laws are not anti-abortion. They will not prevent abortion at all. The only question is how many women will die trying to get an illegal one to save their own lives, or to prevent a horrible one for their child.

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