I am a woman and I will do what I want to do.

Growing up in a pretty conservative family, I was always told the basic garbage:

You're a girl. You should know your limits and stay within them. You can't go out late at night, even if all your friends are going. It doesn't matter how hot it is outside, those shorts can't be too short. Why are you even talking to boys?

But honestly, I've had enough of this, and so should everyone else. I am a woman and I can do anything and everything my heart desires.

If you want to restrict me, do it based on my abilities or the lack of them. But do not tell me I cannot do something because I am a woman by gender.

Being a woman does not make me any lesser than a boy. Here are six ways women are equal — or greater — than men:

1. Men would not be here if it weren't for women

So next time a man wants to say something, he better think before speaking.

2. If it were not for the women's sacrifices, men today would not be in all these high positions

Never take me for granted and put me down. In all of history, wives sacrificed their lives to support their husbands and mothers brought up these men through the hardest struggles. So if anything, men should be grateful for us. We, women, are the reason behind their success.

3. Men only have high salaries because women are not treated equally

Before any man comes to me and boasts his salary in my face, he needs to realize that indirectly I am the reason behind all that money he is making. He does not deserve that paycheck. The day women successfully close off this gender pay gap, we'll the workforce who takes home more money.

4. Women mature a lot faster than men

Men mature at 43. 43!!! Before that, they just depend on all the women in their lives to take care of them. They cannot take care of themselves emotionally. Women mature years earlier because of all the responsibilities and norms they have to follow.

5. Masculinity falls quite short to femininity

Women give birth and it hurts so much. It's one of the most painful things anyone can feel. But men, if they get kicked in their private part, it's game over.

6. Men seem to not know how to behave in society

Women are always told to restrict themselves because of how men will look at them. They cannot wear short dresses or stay out late because men will stare them down or do something to them. The problem is not women wanting to express themselves, the problem is men not knowing how to behave.

So the next time, a man wants to tell me that I cannot do something, please think about yourself first. I am a woman and I will do what I want to do.