Disappointed, But Not Surprised Especially In Our Society

I let you crawl into my bed and I reveled in your warmth.

Your fingertips felt like sunlight dancing on my skin, yet a cold chill ran up my spine.

“Oh it's nothing,” I’d tell myself.

Copious amounts of laughter bubbled its way into the air surrounding us.

All was well within the world.

* * *

We were progressing in our unordinary-ordinary friendship, or I thought we were.

A few days passed and I invite you again, but you say no and it isn’t the first time for this.

I address the problem only to find another.

I thought we were progressing. You didn’t want to progress. You wanted to backtrack and demolish the path we had paved.

* * *

That’s fine, honestly. You could’ve been honest though. You could’ve just said.

This is becoming a common occurrence in our society.

Boys are disappointing, but I am not at all surprised and I always say, “expect the worst, but hope for the best.”

I guess the latter of that statement got the best of me and you invoked the worst.

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