Unless you live under a rock, everyone remembers the scandal of last year that was the 'chicken tenders coal girl'.

The girl from the U.S Open who was caught dunking her chicken tenders into her soda.

This should honestly be a crime because it is THAT disgusting. She was dragged across every form of social media and still did not budge from her 'cola sauce' tenders. Now has come out to say that she is releasing an actual 'cola sauce' that will be seen as a condiment and used for chicken tenders.

WHAT KIND OF MONSTER IS SHE. Cola is for drinking not for dipping tenders in.

You should do everything else in the world with your tenders, but dunk them in this so called 'sauce'.

1. Eat them

2. Take them for a walk 

3. Text them 

4. Tell them you love them

5. Watch Netflix with them 

6. Hold them 

7. Nap with them

8. Go shopping with them 

9. Take them out to eat 

10.  Read to them


11.  Read with them 

12.  Watch sports with them 

13.  Work out with them

14.  Play with them 

15. Love them some more 

16. Take them to the beach 

17.  Cook with them

18. Take pictures of them 

19.  Binge some more Netflix with them