How To Use Dining Places To Get Through Finals

How To Use Dining Places To Get Through Finals

We seem to take dining food for granted; during finals season, it can be a source of relief...

While the most recent wave of midterms has subsided, one thing that looms over the horizon are final exams here at UW. The reading assignments have dwindled to a few more, a few more labs to write up, and general stress accelerating towards the finish line. Some of us sacrifice exercise, others sleep, and sometimes food.

Honestly, not the last part. College students value their food too much.

At the University of Washington, with a couple of exceptions, the dorm food is notorious as a joke, for the most part. Personally, there were some things that were good, but others wear down on the students over time.

But when finals stream through like an upcoming train, you need a way to eat things up. Here’s some suggestions on how to utilize dorm food to run away from the stresses of finals, or to face it head on.

District Market: I frequently go to this place for my groceries, or whenever I need to get artisan cheese, or recently, for Odwalla. The deli food is a good respite from other mediocre options available; I personally like it when they have the buffalo chicken and the ravioli. And they have the Husky Grind in there as well, with a bunch of pastries.

If you’re not the eating type, buying produce or baking goods can allow for valuable cooking time before you go over that paper again. It provides another way of thinking. But then you have to think about how much they all cost, which leads us to…

Cultivate: Do you still have a significant amount of money on your dining account? Looking for something more substantial in taste than other dining halls? Then Cultivate is always a good idea, with nice burgers (which I recommend), poutine, ever-changing dishes, and sublime desserts. This is for those who would want to celebrate one last time before finals ensure, or to celebrate finishing them and pushing forward towards next quarter.

ETC/The Nook: Two snack bars, one at the HUB, the other at McMahon near the 8; they’re good sources for junk food, frozen food, and some good stuff if you decide to look for them. On the one hand, they’re good for snacks if you decide to stress eat. Not to say that’s the best of ideas, because again, that can be unhealthy. On the other hand, we run from our problems a lot. Not to mention the cookies are good.

Glacie: So is ice cream. Since January, it resided in the food court between the ATMs and Subway. Personally, I’ve enjoyed it so much I couldn’t help myself from going back multiple times throughout the week. They have good regulars, but others include the Lavender Salted Caramel and the Vanilla Salted Caramel. And of course, Cookies and Cream.

Especially with spring coming up soon, it’s good to have a scoop, or a few with a bit of toppings, before finals take place. Or if you have dining account money afterwards, then after.

Anything on the AVE: If UW’s food services seem to always take a hit on you, this is usually the best option for many students. It is the most ideal one because of the wide variety of options available. Usually for hanging out with friends and/or escaping from campus during this crazy time.

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