When dining hall food has got you down, don't hesitate to try these options that are right by campus or can be delivered right to your door (literally). I can speak to this because I currently just finished my second Honeygrow order of the week. Stir fry and veggies and rice oh my!

1. Panera Delivery

Panera's new delivery option is your new best friend. After a long day of classes and clubs and all of the other extracurriculars you busy people do, you might just not feel like driving to Panera. Driving there is half the battle and then the quest for a parking spot and fresh bread begins. If you're really craving bread though, don't order after 2pm because they stop baking in the late afternoon. There's nothing worse than driving to Panera fully expecting a bread bowl for your soup and realizing you must succumb to take the ordinary bowl.

2. Mac N Cheese Pizza

The greatest combo in the universe. Need I say more? I walked into Snap one day a few weeks ago and surveyed the menu to find my two guilty pleasures combined into one. My mind immediately wandered to who the wonderful human being is who thought of this beautiful concoction and whether or not there was any way to thank them. This is truly one of mankind's most treasured gifts.

3. Vic's Sushi

If you're craving a little something healthy, try Vic's Sushi. Its conveniently located next to the favorite of everyone college student who has every pulled an all nighter. As you can see, this principle applies to almost the entire student body that makes up Nova Nation. From our city's own Philadelphia roll or the classic California roll, there's an option for all of your sushi needs.

4. Honeygrow

Honey grow is your one stop shop for all things stir fry. Nothing makes my heart happier when I'm hungry than being able to customize my order. Let your creativity run wild and challenge yourself to include another green or colorful topping on your rice each time. If you're not feeling all the extras, Honeygrow also has a variety of delicious sauces to try depending on your mood

5. Mac n Cheese Bites

While Campco's claim to fame from Villanovans comes from no other than the silly fries, mac n cheese bites are arguably just as cheesy if not more than the fries. If that doesn't sell you, they come in cute lil nuggets. The breading melts into and soaks into the cheese without all the heavy grease. Its a win win. You can probably tell by now that there are not enough words in the English language to describe how much I love mac n cheese.

6. Quinoa Salad

While Snap thrives in the pizza department, they also excel in a really green way. For a small investment of 10 dollars, you can create a colorful sad that looks like it belongs on the cover of Food Network magazine. These are the covers that have the extraordinary ability to make your mouth water from a single picture.

7. Basil

When the dining hall general tso's chicken isn't available, have no fear because Basil is here. Basil offers a variety of options from the transitional fried rice to kung pao chicken. The saltiness of the chicken combined with the tang of the soy sauce will send your taste buds into never-ending happy dance.

8. Burrito bowl with spicy queso

Need an extra kick to get you into the mood for studying? Head down to Qdoba. Its literally right down the street from campus so you have no excuse. Make a night of it with your friends by walking to Qdoba and stopping for dessert at Hope's which is right across the street. Qdoba has a variety of options for vegans and veggie lovers. In case you didn't know this, Qdoba is truly superior to Chipotle. Don't even try to argue with me.