I am no Economics professor, but I can tell you a thing or two. One of them being, diminishing marginal utility is essentially the principle that once something becomes more prevalent, it also becomes less desirable amongst consumers. In high school, my government and economics teacher told us, "It's like drinking a beer. The first couple might be fantastic, but after a while, you get sick of it. Sometimes, you don't just get sick of the beer. You get physically sick."

Now I can give you the boring google definition that states, "The marginal utility of a good or service declines as its available supply increases." I hope this is making the slightest bit of sense, but if not, bear with me.

FOMO as we all probably already know, is the acronym that was coined with the phrase, "Fear of Missing Out." FOMO has been rampant these last few years amongst millennials, and really anyone with access to social media. You are constantly aware of what everyone is doing, the concerts they're attending, and the parties that you are "missing out" on. Everyone else's lives are at your fingertips, so much so that you forget entirely to live your own.

We have all been there. No matter what the reason is that you can't make it for something, you almost do not want to check Snapchat to see photos and videos of whatever it may be. FOMO has ruined our sense of being present. I cannot count on two hands how many times I have been on the most fabulous trips, and because of my phone, I have felt disconnected from the fun that everyone else on social media seemed to be having. Rather than focusing on where I was and the fun I could be creating, I let my perception of their various social media accounts hold me back.

This is where the diminishing marginal utility has slowly come into play for me, personally.

I have begun to realize that most of those nights that you see on social media that look so fun end up being some of the worst ones. No one takes a picture of themselves being miserable for people to see online. You see the solo cups, hear the loud music, and everyone has a smile on their face. Never mind the fact that most of them are feeling so so empty.

FOMO is temporary, but the regrets you have when you realize you didn't enjoy what was right in front of you will eat you alive.

Some are only posting those stories in hopes that their ex will see it. Some just want to reinforce the idea that they have a social life. I am here to tell you, it is never as fun as it looks.

One party might be fun, but you'll never run out of parties. Just like your first beer tastes best. Not every night is going to be perfect, and not every beer is going to taste as good as that first one did. Make your own fun, and live in the present. You'll be surprised how much you have been missing out on being caught up in the things outside of your control.