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The West Coast Launches Festival Season With CRSSD Spring 2019

A few weeks back, I managed to finally make it to CRRSD Music Festival on Harbor Drive in the beautiful San Diego Downtown.

The West Coast Launches Festival Season With CRSSD Spring 2019
Michael J. Kocourek

While I manage to steer away from the festival scene, this particular event called my name with listed artists like Classixx, Digitalism, Ladytron, Armand Van Helden, Lane 8, Erol Alkan, and many others. It was one that held the nostalgia vibe and atmosphere of the older Perry's stage, before its EDM bloom and attraction to commercial radio.

A beautiful landscape of three stages, one focusing on live bands, the middle focusing on progressive house and techno, and the last (placed in palm trees which surrounded the scene), had an eclectic variety of gifted DJs and producers who brought in the masses as they began their sets and energizing intros. CRRSD's layout, from water availability, food vendors, charging stations, and overall cleanliness put the shadow of doubt on Chicago's Mamby Music Festival. It's just comparing the minor to major leagues. However, I am not here to tarnish what Mamby has developed into today, because it has come a long way. I am here to tell you about the act of the weekend!

For my most frequent readers, the winning choice should come with no surprise, as I wrote about this great duo last spring, Digitalism. Jence and Isi are two gifted musicians who brought their project, Digitalism, to life in 2004 over in Hamburg, Germany. 15 years later, the two come with full smiles as they walk on stage (each time I saw them), and bring a night of surprises and expectations to keep your body, feet, shoulders, and legs moving. Their sound is unlike anything I listen to – robotic, rock-oriented, indie dance, melodic, uplifting, inspiring, balancing, and most importantly unparalleled. So, when the moment came, standing dead center and maybe twenty feet back from the stage, the bass pumped for "Idealistic," and the crowd "oohed" and "yesssss'ed" in excitement. If you will not take my word for it, see it yourself in this video around the 19:00 mark – massive props to Mixmag for recording this closing show for the weekend. And a massive shout out to Odesza for their massive closing performance which had almost 50% of the festival population, which allowed me to get even closer to the stage for the Hamburg boys!

Jence and Isi did not bring the most surprising show because they carry the same level of integrity and professionalism to their craft, and that is what the audience seems to love about them so much – myself included. This was CRSSD's ninth year in its existence thanked the blog house movement with Digitalism for a real banging close and a crowd full of smiles.

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