Here Are The Best Ways I've Found To Prioritize My Mental Health
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Here Are The Best Ways I've Found To Prioritize My Mental Health

These methods may not work for everyone, but they worked for me and may work for someone else.

Here Are The Best Ways I've Found To Prioritize My Mental Health
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When I was in therapy, my therapist recommended to write down five things I'm grateful for at the start of every therapy session.

This helps change any negative thinking into positive thinking, and soon it becomes a habit of writing down five things you're grateful for everyday. During, therapy my best coping mechanism was writing. I wrote poems to help express all of the different emotions I was feeling. This helps get anything that you're feeling out on paper, and that way you're not keeping any emotions bottled in. Even after therapy, I still write poems to this day to think process my thoughts. Now, I was asked by my therapist to think of a happy place and to take my mind there. I took my mind to the beach, and after my therapy sessions I would find myself at the beach.

It was just brought me so much ease, a place where I didn't have to worry or express my feelings to anyone.

It was just my safe place. Your safe place doesn't have to be the beach but somewhere you feel safe and relaxed. This place will help calm any nerves. Connecting with nature always kept me calm and collected, especially when I had anxiety.

I enjoyed reading during my time of healing. It took my mind off of everything that was going on with me. I enjoy romance novels and poetry books and reading those just made my mind focus on the book rather than myself. Now, you don't have to read if you don't enjoy it. You can find something else that equally distracts your mind and places focuses on something else. It could be going to the gym, taking a hike, spending time with friends, anything that is a healthy distraction. Taking Epsom salts baths helped me relax during my anxiety attacks. You don't have to take a Epsom salt bath. It could be a bubble bath, anything to help relax your mind and nerves.

Do what works for you.

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