A Different Kind Of Motherly Love

A Different Kind Of Motherly Love

Dedicated to my mother

Parents are a blessing because they are the only people in the world that will love, support, guide and be honest with you, no matter the circumstances. My childhood was extremely playful and exciting, thanks to them and my two siblings.

I always felt the happiest and the most loved when there was affection between me and the family. My dad was always the most affectionate, with endless hugs and kisses, however, my mother always had a different way of showing love.

My mother is the most courageous, bold and independent woman I have met in my life. She always has a goal in life, she searches for new things to do and learn. She is my family's fairy godmother because she devotes all her time making sure her children are happy, healthy and determined.

My mother believes that no matter how hard things get in life, continue to remain a fighter.

Don't stop, keep making progress because you will eventually get there. It was a way of reminding me that I will be a confident and independent woman on my own two feet.

So, her way of showing love was through verbal encouragement and the occasional pat on the back. She doesn't like hugs or kisses, she prefers a good high five or a fist pump. What I can recall from my memory, I have seen my mother cry once in life, and that was when her parents visited the US for the very first time.

My mother and I never had a close relationship like that sort I saw in my friends and their mothers. I would see them go shopping, share secrets and do a bunch of girly things. I once tried to ask my mother about her teenage years, and all she said was "it was great' and chose not to share anything else.

She prefers to be more stern and forceful, but I wouldn't have it any other way. She doesn't sugarcoat anything, she remains utmost honest and critical because it's all out of love. That close feeling that I wanted for so long occurred the day I was leaving for college.

It was a rainy day at around 5 a.m. in Houston. I was ready in the car to be driven to the airport. I was excited and nervous. Everyone emotionally broke down in my family, except my mom. She remained strong like she always has been.

I waved her goodbye and we left.

Just as we were about to exit outside of the gated community, I requested my father to stop and turn around the car because I wanted to see mom again. There she was, standing right there with her arms open. I ran towards her and hugged her so tight after so many years. I said, "I love you mom and I will be your brave daughter".

Love can come in many different shapes and forms and our bond may not be the typical mom and daughter story, but I'm thankful for what she has sacrificed for me and hope to resemble the woman my mother is.

Cover Image Credit: Photo taken by Maya Moujaes

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Men Should Be Able To Give Up Their Parental Rights Before Their Child Is Born

If he's not ready to be a parent but the woman is, why should he be dragged into it?


I have very strong opinions about abortion. Women everywhere should be able to access safe abortions, and men should not be allowed to force a woman to have a child just because he wants it. However, on the flip side, I do believe that men should have the option to give up their parental rights when their partner gets pregnant and decides to keep it.

Not everyone who gets pregnant is ready for a child. We continue to fight hard for a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy no problem, but we can't leave men out of this discussion. A man should not be allowed to force a woman to do anything, but there's no reason he shouldn't have his own rights. If a man feels that he is not ready to be a father, he should be able to give up that title no questions asked.

When this is done, he should not owe the child anything. I know it sounds harsh, but why should he be harassed into helping a child he's not ready to have? In this hypothetical, the woman has already decided that she is ready for the responsibility of motherhood and accepts the hardships that come along with it. It seems just as barbaric to force a man into fatherhood than it is to force a woman to carry a child she does not want full term.

I truly believe in this system because I'm tired of seeing children raised by inadequate fathers. Because there are so many teen pregnancies nowadays, I feel like I'm able to really catch a glimpse at young people completely unprepared for parenthood. I've seen countless young fathers ignore their children once they're born, and it's heartbreaking to see. The children's mothers constantly bash the fathers on social media where it'll live on forever. These children will grow up with fathers who mess with their heads. Sometimes they'll be around, and sometimes they won't. They'll make empty promises and constantly let their children down.

Therefore, why not avoid this problem altogether and give men their own voice in the abortion discussion? Let men revoke their title, and let them have children when they're ready.

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