Know The Different Types Of Bullying
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Know The Different Types Of Bullying

There is more than one type of bullying you should be aware of . . .

Know The Different Types Of Bullying

When we think about bullying we think about a kid being bothered by another kid. But in reality bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere, no matter where you come from, what you look like or what language you speak. Bullying is one of the main causes behind suicide. If you see something please speak up. Be a friend, help prevent someone from hurting themselves or being hurt by others. Listen, support and be the voice for those in need.

Physical bullying

Physical bullying is known for being related to:





When we hear the words "physical bullying" we immediately think about a kid hitting another kid in school. But what we forget to think about is that most of the time bullying starts from home. By a parent, a sibling, family member, as well as friends. Physical bullying can cause short to long term damage. From Bruises, broken bones and even death.

Verbal bullying

Verbal bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying which is characterized by:

-verbal abuse

-racist remarks

-name calling and teasing

-offensive comments

-telling someone to kill themselves

Verbal bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying next to psychical and cyber bullying. It can be found in school, the workplace, the house. Between classmates, teachers and students, co-workers, siblings, parents, parents and kids. Verbal bullying is not just cursing at someone but being offensive and saying things like "go back to your country" or "you should kill yourself". Verbal bullying is connected with emotional bullying because it can cause a person to loss self-esteem and hurt themselves. Most of the time we don't think before we talk and we don't realize that this has a big impact on other's lives.

Social bullying

Social bullying includes:

-embarrassing and humiliating someone

-destroying someone's reputation

-excluding someone from as group

-negative facial and physical gestures

Social bullying is known for being one of the most unnoticeable forms of bullying, Most of the time is mistaken for discrimination against a person based on their looks, language, gender and even age. Social bullying can be found in a group of "friends", school and even in the workplace. Social bullying is more difficult to spot because a person might act nice around others and then switch the cards and become a pain. Trying to make others be against an individual or start spreading rumors.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is one of the most popular and dangerous forms of bullying. It can happen at any time by using electronic devices and attacking others through text messages, social media platforms, and sometimes email.

Cyber bullying includes:

-hurtful and abusive text messages

-offensive comments on post

-spreading rumors

-making fun of a person

-trying to make everyone be against a person

These are some examples of what cyber bullying looks like from the outside spectrum of the bubble. But what no one sees is what goes on in private messages. Which unfortunately causes a lot of individuals to hurt themselves and most of the time is late to help them. There are plenty of movies addressing this issue, where an individual is being cyber bullied and the consequences end up in attempted or actual suicide. The sad pert of this form of bullying is that other's see what's happening but decide to stay silent. This is more common towards individuals with a disability.

Emotional bullying

Emotional bullying includes:

-felling guilt

-the feeling of shame



-the feeling of not belonging

As mentioned earlier emotional bullying is connected to verbal bullying. But in reality emotional bullying is connected with all the forms of bullying. An individual starts to think that they are the problem, they start to feel guilt and shame for what is happening to them. They start to feel depressed and believe that they don't belong in this world, which can have big consequences such as committing suicide. Emotional bullying messes with someone's mental health.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of any form of bullying remember that you aren't alone. There will always be someone giving you a hand to get back up. Remember that you are stronger than you think. You are beautiful just the way you are. Don't let anyone blow your light away. Keep swimming to the surface, speak up and don't be scared. If you feel threatened call the police in your state, report and block the person harassing you.

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