The Diary Of A Picky Eater
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The Diary Of A Picky Eater

If it's not some sort of carb covered in cheese, I don't want it.

The Diary Of A Picky Eater

If you get anxiety by this sentence, "would you like to come over for dinner", you are in fact a picky eater. If there isn't a kids menu, you're screwed. If your friends pick a sushi restaurant for a night out, you tend to "be sick". So, picky eaters unite! No one quite understands like we do. Here are 10 struggles we face on a daily basis.

1. Having to check the menu of a restaurant online before you go there.

You know, just to make sure they have an adult grilled cheese, chicken tenders or if you're in desperate need... bread rolls.

2. Coming up with every excuse as to why you can't come over for dinner.

Lets face it, nothing is worse than having to forcefully feed yourself a fork full of vegetables and pretend to actually like it.

3. Feeling relieved when your date asks you out for pizza.

Its a win-win for both parties! You get to indulge on your favorite food and they get a cheap date!

4. Being forced to try foods on a daily basis.

Ugh don't they get it? I've already tried it and I hated it. Just because it's now grilled instead of steamed it will not taste any different. Please don't make me suffer once again.

5. Nice restaurants are your worst nightmare.

"Uhh...can I just have the lobster linguini...minus the lobster...and everything else included besides the linguini...?"

6. Bread is your best friend.

Bread rolls are always a safe bet.

7. You have three solid food choices you rotate between.

Because nothing is wrong with eating mac and cheese three days in a row.

8. Having to deal with the embarrassment of ordering off the kids menu.

"I'll have the chicken tenders with a side of fries and I would like to upgrade to the adult portion please."

9. Having to constantly explain your dietary restrictions.

" Well, I don't eat meat besides bacon and hotdogs. Oh and I'll eat potatoes if they are fried... Shall I continue?"

10. But in the end, you get to celebrate the little victories.

Mom, Mom!! I tried it and I like it!

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