The stunning CBS All Access legal drama, "The Good Fight," just finished it's phenomenal second season after becoming the accredited spin off to the original series, "The Good Wife." Centered around a prestigious law firm — Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart — the series features a strong, talented cast ranging from attorneys, associates and name partners.

From one episode to another, the writers create a beautifully scripted plot that covers mainstream political issues, such as gun violence and Trump's administrative decisions. To add to the fury, the magnificent wardrobe for every cast member strikes gold in every scene. The minute details crafted to match the mood, tone and attitude of each take adds a cloak of elegance to the show itself.

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the show is the strong presence of leading female characters: Diane Lockhart, Maia Rindell and Lucca Quinn. All with unique strengths and personalities, the leading ladies provide an optimistic outlook on women's employment in corporate businesses. Their level of involvement, leadership and charisma directs the screen, giving audiences a deeper look into the law firm's demographic. However, no other character stands out as the epitome of success better than Diane Lockhart.

Rose Leslie, Christine Baranski, Lucca Quinn The leading ladies of "The Good Fight."

Who is Diane Lockhart?

Played by Christine Baranski, Lockhart rose to success by creating her own business years ago as seen in "The Good Wife." After surviving the recession and building one of the most prestigious firms in Chicago, Diane was ready to retire and move to her dream house in France.

As the pilot of "The Good Fight" opens, she became a victim of a Ponzi scheme, leaving her bankrupt and in debt. Even worse, she already signed the exit package for her own law firm, and Diane was pushed out, unceremoniously, by her partners. Initially, she broke down, unable to find a job and disgraced upon the community for the scandal. Her relationship with her husband, Kurt McVeigh, was on the rocks, and the current political situation only drove Diane into a frenzy.

Yet, she persevered and was recruited to join an all African-American law firm, originally known as Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad. Eventually, she gained the trust of Adrian Boseman and became a name partner. From there, her life took a dramatic turn as she returns to the legal world stronger than ever, winning cases left and right. Dealing with issues on gun violence, immigration and white supremacy, Lockhart's character became extremely complex and stoic, earning her respect in a male-dominated environment.

Why is Diane Lockhart so important?

In both "The Good Fight" and "The Good Wife," Diane Lockhart serves as a rock in times of turmoil. Defying the odds of employment in law, she held her position with confidence and initiative, two characteristic crucial for effective leadership. The way she composes herself, from body language to simply courtesy, bolsters her credibility as a good communicator. Additionally, as a lawyer, her creativity and dedication to her job features Lockhart as an outstanding performer in her field, which is not only demonstrated through open-minded partnership but also through understanding perspectives.

By being open to other viewpoints while maintaining a firm belief in what she is fighting for, Lockhart is able to effectively exemplify the capabilities of women in high positions. Similarly, in real life, there are thousands of corporate women in outstanding leadership roles that exude the same passion and assertiveness as Diane Lockhart does. Therefore, this show emphasizes the potential of women figures in businesses; thus, there is much to learn.

Diane Lockhart Diane Lockhart played by Christine Baranski

How has Diane become a symbol of women's empowerment?

The media plays a tremendous role in today's society. Circulating the news and traversing the web, online content is accessible to a great amount of the population. Through a legal drama, CBS All Access can spread strong messages to hundreds of countries around the globe. Thus, the writers of "The Good Fight" know that by portraying strong, female figures in an appealing TV drama that is highly realistic, women can be inspired by Diane's performance to reach new heights and dreams.

Especially to the younger demographic, the show encourages students to pursue law degrees in route to achieve prestigious goals. Finally, through defiant advertising, the portrayal of Lockhart appeals to over 7.2 million viewers, a stunning feat for CBS All Access.

Now, it's time for you to fight your good fight. Good luck. You can do it.