Why Diabetes Is A Misunderstood Disease

Diabetes, a disease many people hear about, but does everyone know important factors that play into the daily lives of someone who has Diabetes?

There are three main forms of Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes is when the body cannot produce insulin. Type 2 Diabetes is when the body does not produce enough insulin, and last Gestational Diabetes which only affect women, during their pregnancy.

I have had way too much experience with Diabetes, that it has become something of a daily routine, even though I am not the one with the disease. Growing up both of my parents and sister were diagnosed with it, and as a family we learned how to deal with the disease. Taking medication, poking yourself with a needle to take insulin, proper eating, enough physical activity, and so much more. Diabetes is a life changer, and only if one wants to take care of their Diabetes, they must change everything wrong they are doing.

Kids, teenagers, and even young adults don't think about the seriousness of potentially being diagnosed with Diabetes, it's something most don't even hesitate to think about twice, unless you are in a family where you are at risk to becoming diabetic. Then that can change a lot.

The thing about Diabetes, is you can't feel it , it is not a painful experience (sometimes). There are small signs your body is giving you, telling you you have too much sugar in your body, one may think these signs are not signs when they are.

Some, though not all signs I have learned about Diabetes through my parents are:

Frequent Urination

Excessive Thirst

Intense Hunger

Weight Gain/Loss

Increased Fatigue

Blurred Vision

Feeling of being itchy

Numbness and Tingling

I have witnessed all these symptoms in my parents and sister, thought because they are all different, they all have different reactions to the Diabetes. The scariest symptom i have witnessed was increased fatigue, this is the person's blood sugar dropping at an insane amount. What is scary about this, is one may slip into a diabetic coma for their sugar slipping too low and even if their sugar sky rockets and goes too high. One with Diabetes needs to keep their sugar at a proper glucose level at all times.

As a child and even now, I remember running to grab juice (good source to make sugar levels increase), when my mom's sugar would out of no where drop. It's scary because you can physically see them become drained, they can't move fast enough to get what they need themselves, and your praying to God that nothing goes wrong. My father's problem is high sugar levels, therefore, we had to continuously check his glucose levels by poking his finger and testing his blood multiple times a day, and my duty was to give him his insulin (needles). Lastly my sister had both problems.

Diabetes really changes a lifestyle, and it is a serious matter, that is the exact reason I yell at my friends for eating too much sugar. They think it's funny, but when you have experienced mutliiple incidents do to Diabetes, it isn't so funny.

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