Thunder clouds above my head.

I stand alone amongst the dead.

Through wind and rain, I hear my name.

The devil's taunt drives me insane.

My heart is pounding my movements steady,

My eyes on fire, my breath turns heavy

As darkness surrounds these horrid grounds.

I slowly pass the devil's hounds.

As ravens fly above the sky

the souls of the dead run and hide.

Through the doorway and up the stairs,

The devil’s smile suggests to me: beware!

Why do I pass through this lonely place?

Was my life not worth God’s grace?

As I think back upon my life,

I’m reminded of my sick wife.

She died alone without my love.

Her hair once smooth, like the wings of a dove,

She gave me all the love she had,

Her skin as rough as an infected scab.

I walked away and never looked back,

She called to me: come back, come back.

And now its time to face myself.

The devil waits for me in hell.

I know now what it is to love

Too late for me, my little dove.

This horrid place is now my home.

Her place: with God is where she roams.

My selfishness has sealed my fate

because I took the devil’s bait.