Why The US Deserves More than Donald Trump

As a political science double-major, social activist, and politically active millennial- I more than often find myself stumbling into conversations about the 2016 Presidential race. More often than not, the topic of Donald Trump is hotly debated. *I personally identify as a supporter of democratic socialism, and therefore find myself advocating for Senator Bernie Sanders.* Despite my association with the Democratic party, I find reason and fairness in the opinions of those who have differing political ideations and support different parties.

However, personal beliefs and political affiliations aside- I believe the US deserves more than Donald Trump.

Throughout the race thus far, Donald Trump has continuously made a spectacle out of himself as if he were a character on one of his own television shows. The United States needs a President, not another reality television character. With his use of vulgar and offensive language, derogatory remarks, and outlandish statements (let us never forget the great debate over the size of his penis), Trump has consistently shown his nature as a hateful, unprofessional individual not qualified to hold the most sought after political position in the world. Personally, I think that the fact that discussion over his reproductive organs instead of his social policies is enough to disqualify him as being a professional individual qualified to rule our country.

I understand that the subject of Donald Trump is a touchy one for many. It seems that every supporter I speak to truly has a reason for their endorsement. However, it does not matter whether you admire his radical racism and religious discrimination against Muslims or his successful line up of economic and business fails- one thing rings true: he is not qualified for the job.

A blonde haired, tan, reality television star and extremely wealthy business person with their last name on many large buildings. I just described Paris Hilton.

My point is, there are many businessmen and women who run empires similar to Trump and are incredibly wealthy. In fact, there are more individuals who have run businesses much more successful than Trump's mediocre record of four business bankruptcies and multiple lawsuits.

The other candidates competing against Trump for the seat in the White House have decades of political experience between them. While I understand that many people do not value political experience- it is critical that a potential President has at least a basis of political knowledge before ruling the country. The lack of experience that Donald Trump would walk into the White House with is remarkably frightening. Although he would have advisors, this would be like trusting fifty assistants to be more knowledgeable than the boss at a major company. While Donald Trump certainly has experience being a boss, the United States is a major office that he has never worked in before- and he cannot just say "you're fired" to minorities of groups of people whom he opposes when he so chooses.

The position of the President of the United States is not to wear expensive suits and look intimidating to our enemies as he or she presses the big red button and launches nuclear weapons.

The United States is one of the charter members of the United Nations and of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. We are known to be a beautiful nation of equality and freedom. Donald Trump wishes to strip us of our prominent stature and qualities that we have been known so greatly for.

When Donald Trump says he will "make America great again"- I wonder when he is referring to.

Were we great when we were stealing land from Native American tribes and killing their people in a bloodbath? Were we great when we sold African Americans as slaves and had segregated school systems? Were we great when we put Japanese Americans in internment camps? Were we great when women did not have the right to vote? Were we great when gay, bisexual, and lesbian couples could not get married? Were we great when transgender individuals could not use their own pronouns and use their own chosen bathrooms?

Greatness is not a period of time. It is not measured by one instance in the past. We are constantly progressing as a nation and getting better as time passes.

Equal rights and social justice are and have always been incredibly important and prevalent societal issues. Trump's blatant disregard for the equal rights of minorities is a disservice to the people of the United States whom he wishes to represent as President.

Our country is far from perfect, but has come extremely far in terms of social justice and equal rights. It would be a terrible misfortune to take steps backwards in our triumphs and strip the rights of American people.

The greatness that Donald Trump seems to strive for is not greatness at all- but carelessness and cruelty. Trump's ideas are carelessly putting the United States into old fashioned morals of discrimination and defamation, where no one is free except for elites and the wealthy.

Donald Trump has said that he does not consider himself to be a racist, however, his statements tell a much different story. Racism is defined by your actions towards people of any race other than your own. If you make remarks that are offensive, insulting, and threatening to people of another race- you are exhibiting racism. Thus, making you a racist individual. Why would we have a President who is notably racist in a country known to be a diverse melting pot of cultures and nationalities?

Ask yourself- would you want your daughter, wife, sister, or mother referred to as a being "only used to be aesthetically pleasing"? Would you encourage them to enlist in the armed forces, where "sexual assault in the military should be expected"? Would you tell them that "pumping breast milk is disgusting"? That women are "gold diggers"? That they are "lonely", "losers", "ugly", and "only good for sex appeal"?

Women in the United States do NOT have equal rights. We are not paid the same amount of money as men for the same jobs. Therefore, a candidate who is sexist and misogynistic is very frightening for the future of women's rights and gender equality.

What is important to note here is that Donald J. Trump is an inexperienced, crude individual who does not hold the knowledge, ability, professionalism, or nobility that The United States of America deserves as a President of the United States.

Donald Trump's tomfoolery and absurd behavior throughout his political pursuit has created a bad image for the United States in other countries who are witnessing his actions in the election thus far.

Donald Trump has exhibited religious discrimination during several of his campaign rallies- in which he has openly called out Muslim individuals and asked them to leave his event. He also said that as President, he would call for constant surveillance of mosques. In a country that has religious freedom, this behavior is absolutely asinine. It would be completely ignorant to have a President who has outwardly displayed hatred and discrimination of ANY TYPE, and would be unjust for him to hold office.

Trump claims that his tactics for protecting America are to "protect our borders". If it is simply about protecting borders and making our country safer, we should run background checks on every person of every nationality who comes into our country. Instead, Donald Trump wishes to target and profile individuals based on their race and religion which is outward discrimination.

Moreover, Donald Trump has continuously hired individuals from out of the country to work in his businesses. He has clearly already not fulfilled his campaign promises of keeping jobs in the country when he is hiring predominately foreign individuals to work in his companies.

The hypocrisy, cruelty, discrimination, vulgarity, and racial profiling is absolutely absurd qualities to have in a man who is potentially going to run the United States of America.

History repeats itself. Donald Trump's treatment towards Muslim Americans directly reflects the feelings and attitudes towards Americans who developed Japanese internment camps during World War II.

We deserve more. America deserves more.

Make America GREAT. Please. We have never been great. Greatness is not a period in time. We have been hateful, racist, sexist, misogynistic, religiously discriminatory, and homophobic. We been ignorant, cruel, and uninformed. We have progressed from our mistakes and continuously make strides towards a better tomorrow. We are not there just yet.

We finally have the opportunity to become great.

Do not make America what it was EVER again. Make it MORE.

We deserve more.

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