Depression can be Visible

Depression can be Visible

Here is how it can feel. Just know you can pull through with the help of great friends.


Everyone has a bad day or even a bad week, but sometimes those bad weeks become closer and feel like thats all you see. My low places can be describes in 5 ways.

1. Waking up one day and not being able to move.

Laying in bed and struggling to find enough motivation to move. Even though you know you need to get up and get ready for class or work, your body is just so heavy.

2. Feeling hungry but not eating.

The idea of having to make a meal can be exhasting, so you just choose not to eat.

3. Sleep.

You sleep to ignore your hunger, or to avoid having to do homework.

4. being relieved when plans are canceled

Even the plans that i was looking forward to when they were made last week. whatever we were going to do was going to be fun, nothing is fun when feeling this down.

5. the smallest victory feels so much bigger.

Sometimes even just getting out of bed with enough time to do something nice to your hair before you have to leave for class can bring you out of the funk even for just a few hours.

Just know that the funk will pass, talk to your friends about how you are feeling. Having a support sustem makes it easier to work through what you are feeling.

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