Feminism. A word women across the country are all too familiar with… as they should be. Growing up a woman in a society that was once dominated by men certainly faces its challenges - so it is important to teach confidence to young girls, spread the girl boss movement, and take the necessary steps to ensuring gender equality in our everyday lives. That being said, gender equality and gender superiority are very different ideals… but over time, the feminist movement seems to have blended the two together. And this is where my issue lies with feminism in the modern society.

It is a fact… females were suppressed in male-dominated societies dating back as far as textbooks could record. Since then, us females have made incredible progress. But what have been the current motivations? Are women now supposed to be the up and coming dominating gender? Is that what we are still actively trying to accomplish? If it is, then I think we need to get our priorities straight. We have achieved some amazing things and are actively working to achieve some more. But it seems that all too often, the things we have begun to work toward are in the effort to discourage men more so than encourage women. It is like a backward movement in and of itself. And I do not believe in it.

I do not know how I feel about the feminists of today's society. I feel like referring to myself as a feminist today leaves an association to every march and protest (some of which are refreshing, others completely absurd), hating our current president, being disgusted by any bad decision made by a man, yet believing that women can do no wrong. This may be a slight over exaggeration, I realize, but these issues have become an epidemic. Have you heard of the term "third wave feminist"? If not, it is women in the Generation X obsessed with making everything and anything about sexism and finding a reason to discourage men, frankly, for no reason at all. There are real issues out there worth fighting for - big ones that affect our lives. But whining and demanding that men have it easier in all walks of life is not only a call for attention, but a plea to be victimized.

Modern feminism seems to contradict itself. We work to be a part of the workforce, yet complain that we still work under the shadows of men. We claim that our only intentions are to empower women, yet if that woman is a Republican, we call her names and find reasons to pick apart why she is a disgrace. Take Kellyanne Conway, the manager for Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, for example. Is she less of a woman or less worthy of at least human decency solely because she supports an unpopular candidate by feminists? I certainly do not think so. This "brand" of feminism is doing more harm to girls than good. When there were nothing but good intentions, we got so far! Fighting for what is right and what is just both morally, and legally as citizens of the United States worthy of fair treatment. How did it come to so much entitlement, complaining, and using what should be a movement held special to our hearts to our advantage?

I would like to consider myself a feminist… I really, really would. I am a girl with passions, dreams, motivations, goals, work ethic, resilience. I am an advocate for believing in yourself, not setting boundaries, working hard, actively pursuing what you want. I believe in girls, I believe in women. I believe that, one day, with the right candidate, we can have a female president who can do some incredible things. I believe in girl power, being a girl boss, embracing what it means to be a women. So, does that make me a feminist? In some ways, yes and in some ways no. I'm a feminist in spirit. I will advocate for female empowerment and worthiness. But, in a day and age where the playing field has never been more equal, and a time with laws designed and protested by women to protect us from becoming victims, I just cannot agree with the extent we have somehow stretched this civil rights movement.

This is just an opinion... my opinion. It is not an umbrella term for everyone who considers themselves a feminist - many have the same ideals of positivity and empowerment. But, these issues have consumed headlines and have redefined the way many view what it means to be one. Simply stated, I just think the priorities of feminism could use some modifications.