12 Reasons Why Nothing Beats Spending The Holidays In Denver, CO
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12 Reasons Why Nothing Beats Spending The Holidays In Denver, CO

Colorado Hebrew Chorale, for one.

12 Reasons Why Nothing Beats Spending The Holidays In Denver, CO
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Denver has become known for many great things, from our national parks, to our local food. The holidays serve as yet another example of the many great things the Mile High City has to offer.

1. There’s a good chance you’ll have a white Christmas

The National Weather Service estimates that there is a 38% chance of seeing snow on Christmas in Denver,

2. You can kick of the holiday season at the Parade of Lights

Held the first weekend in December, this two-mile parade has become a Denver icon. As the Denver City and County Building is light, the magic of the season remains undeniable. There are also a number of other lighting ceremonies around the city, in Littleton, Boulder, Breckenridge and Colorado Springs.

3. All Coloradans are encouraged to get into the Christmas spirit with Colorado Gives Day, on December 6.

During this annual event, Coloradoans are encouraged to make donations to local non-profit organizations.

4. Enjoy music from the Colorado Hebrew Chorale at the Festival of Lights

5. You can catch fireworks shows downtown as you ring in the New Year

There’s nothing quite like 16th street mall on New Year’s Eve, between the fireworks, DJs and ice skating rink on the mall, it’s an undeniably great place to spend New Year’s Eve.

6. We have our own Christmas song

I don't even like country music, but I still tear up every time I hear this song.

7. You can get festive, by chopping down your own Christmas tree.

The national forest service allows visitors to cut down their Christmas tree, while simultaneously helping to prevent wildfires through forest management.

8. It’s the ultimate place for photos

Between the mountains, the unusually blue sky and the snow, Denver provides the perfect landscape for holiday photos

9. It’s a quick stop to the mountains

The mountains provide a perfect chance to commune with nature, if you’re seeking a chance to commune with nature, and evading the bustle of the holiday season.

10. You’re never far from a great cup of cocoa

Since there are over 250 coffee shops in Denver, a cozy hot chocolate, mocha or cup of tea is always within reach.

11. There’s nothing like candy canes to get into the holiday spirit

Candy Canes have become a holiday staple. What better way to get excited for the holidays than seeing how they’re made at the Hammond’s Candy Factory?

12. You can enjoy some delicious tea as you unwind from holiday prep at one of three Holiday High Teas in Denver

Between the events at the Byers-Evans House Museum, the Avery House and the Brown Palace, there’s no shortage of delicious seasonal teas in the Mile High City.

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