Demi Lovato

She indeed has a sister, Poot.

1. She has a song with Jason Derulo


A beautiful song, "Together" is about how we shouldn't be tearing people down, but building them back up.

2. She indeed has a sister, Poot


You can find her hiding in the background of some pictures.

3. Demi dated Fez from "That 70s Show"


And they were hopelessly in love (and maybe still are).

4. The Jonas Brothers wrote a lot of her songs on her album "Don't Forget"


Some of which include La La Land, Don't Forget, and Get Back.

5. She has 22 tattoos


And counting

6. She wrote a song dedicated to the Sandy Hook Victims

Try not to cry while you listen.

7. She started her career on "Barney & Friends"


Selena Gomez also starred on the show with Demi.

8. She means no harm


Demi's just a girl trying to figure out her place in the world. She doesn't need any backlash from people who don't know her.

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