On July 24, Demi Lovato was found in her home after an apparent drug overdose. Earlier this year she released a new single titled 'Sober' after her a relapse after being sober for 6 years.

To me, Demi has always been an inspiration. Her music has inspired me since she was on Disney Channel. I've always looked up to her as a role model and I will continue to.

Sure, she made a human mistake, but who doesn't? Her mistake was a big one and I am positive she knows that. Demi will get the help she needs and she will make it through this stronger than ever before.

After watching her YouTube Red documentary I really learned who she was. I learned that there are many factors that could have lead to a relapse, but at the time she didn't.

I'm so tired of seeing the negativity surrounding this issue. Saying that Demi has such a "privileged life" and that she had no reason to overdose. Just because someone doesn't show you their private life doesn't mean they aren't struggling. She went through a rough time after her break up with her boyfriend of 6 years. That is enough to destroy anyone.

In the end, Demi deserves tons of love, support, and space in this time and doesn't need to be bombarded with questions or accusations. If you feel hatred towards her for this, then please keep it to yourself.