Dear Dementia,

How dare you be so cruel, eating the minds of the people we love? You cause the people we love to forget us and ultimately themselves. It is so hard to look my Mee-Maw in the eyes and witness her everyday struggle just to remember. A task that the healthy minded takes for granted. How could you steal the mind of such a kind-hearted and strong woman?

Mee-maw has always had such a huge part in my life. I remember before you stole her mind, before you made it hard for her to complete even the easiest of tasks. I remember when she used to part my hair in the morning time, now we help her brush her hair. Mee-maw used to cook for the whole family when I was little and now she can barely hold a fork. She used to wake me for school when mom was at work, now she sleeps until noon. It is frustrating to watch her struggle because of you, Dementia.

Why do you think it is okay to steal the memories right out of her mind? Most days she cannot even put a name to my face. My own grandmother cannot even remember my name because of you! Do you know how much that hurts me? It hurts my entire family. My mother and aunts, exhausted with caring for their mother who barely knows who they are. My cousins and I try to help when we can, but our adult lives make it hard. Dementia, I do not believe you know what you have done.

I hate that the last of my memories with my Mee-maw will be of her in a constant state of confusion. She does not deserve this, and neither does my family. I could not imagine how frustrated she is with you, Dementia.

I could not imagine not remembering the last activity I carried out or the last time I ate. She must be so angry with you, even though she doesn't know who you are. But I know who you are. You are an evil disease. No one deserves to go through what you have put my Mee-maw through. You have wrecked havoc among my family and so many families all over the world. According to there are 47.5 million people living with dementia worldwide. I pray that there are neurologists researching how to stop you, Dementia.


Meghan Kiehl