A Definitive Williamsburg Dessert Guide
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A Definitive Williamsburg Dessert Guide

Because Manhattan doesn't actually have everything.

A Definitive Williamsburg Dessert Guide

Williamsburg may be famous for hipsters, cool cafes, and thrift shops, but it’s also becoming a hub for dessert shops. In just a short L train ride away, you can find yourself experiencing some of the best sweets that this city has to offer. From pies, to donuts, to ice cream, this neighborhood has it all.

1. The Blue Stove

Walking into The Blue Stove, you’re immediately surrounded by the scent of baked goods, the sound of quiet conversations, and the sight of pies on display. The pies change flavors seasonally, and they come in sizes ranging from a mini pie, a slice, and a whole pie. Make sure to come early, as pies do typically run out by midday.

2. Dun-Well Donuts

Dun-Well Donuts started in 2011 with a mission to create a vegan option of this favorite treat. When you walk in, you’re met with a display of donuts on your left, featuring many different types that are made constantly throughout the day. Flavors range from the basic chocolate, to lemon poppy seed and butter pecan.

3. Patisserie Tomoko

Combining French pastries with Japanese flavors, you can either sit inside or take out desserts at Patisserie Tomoko. For those with a sweet tooth, dessert tapas menus are available, including black sesame crème brulee and green tea cheesecake. You can even watch Chef Tomoko make each dessert in front of you at the bar.

4. Caprices by Sophie

This French bakery isn’t selling your average pastries. Aside from eclairs, magic choux cream puffs, and capricieux meringues, are on the menu. Unique flavors are displayed in a case when you walk in, including caramel salty butter, pink praline, and bourbon vanilla. It’s also a great, quiet place to get some work done.

5. Bakeri

Originally a bread bakery, Bakeri has since expanded to include pastries on its menu. Its menu changes based on baker inspiration, whether it’s from seasonal fruit or a recent travel. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced and organic as well.

6. Sweethaus

Originally based in Virginia, Sweethaus has brought its delicious cupcakes to Brooklyn. They come in both mini and regular sizes with flavors like double pistachio and Mexican hot chocolate. If that isn’t enough, the shop is also a candy store!

7. Handsome Dan's Snocone & Candy Stand

Half candy store and half snow cone shop, this spot is decorated in a way that will bring you back to your childhood. The snow cones are all made with natural syrups, and you have a choice between flavors ranging from mango to coconut lychee. You can even add Pop Rocks or condensed milk on top of your dessert.

8. OddFellow's Ice Cream

Decorated like a vintage ice cream shop, OddFellows has stepped up the game with its creative innovations. From alcoholic ice cream to cotton candy cones, sundaes and floats won’t be the same again. Flavors change daily, and they include twists such as miso cherry and olive oil.

9. -321 Ice Cream Shop

If innovative ice cream flavors weren’t enough, this shop is making your frozen treat to order. Using liquid nitrogen, liquid concoctions are instantly frozen before your eyes. Rocky road and cookies ‘n cream won’t be the same again after trying them from here.

10. Brooklyn Cupcake

Started by two sisters with mixed backgrounds, Brooklyn Cupcake features treats that are infused with Italian and Puerto Rican inspirations. Classic vanilla and red velvet are basic flavors, but you can also try dulce de leche, flan, and coquito if you really wanted to be adventurous. You can even ask to have a cupcake adorned with your choice of toppings.

To save this list, to check out this guide, and more, follow the link here and download the DIDiT NY phone app!


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