Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Deez Nuts

Well, here we are, and Donald Trump is President, even though I warned you all. Seven days into his presidency, and it's obvious that things are not "going to be okay." Political theorists all over are wondering if we'd been in this mess had the Democrats nominated someone else to run against Trump. By now, I think we all can admit to the obvious: Deez Nuts would have never let this happen.

I was a Deez Nuts supporter from the beginning, because Deez Nuts was the only Trump opposer who could resonate and stir emotions, not like Rubio, not like Jill Stein, and certainly not like that war hawk Shillary Clinton. From the get-go, this election was about which candidate could reach the inner anxieties and energies of the electorate, and Shrillabortion Whore of Babylon couldn't hold a candle to Trump.

Deez Nuts could.

From the start, it was obvious that Sirhan Sirhan Rodham was part of the establishment. Million-dollar speeches to Wall Street? Lining her pockets as Secretary of State? Raking in money from the Clinton Foundation? There was no way she was going to stand up to Donald Trump. If only we could have had a chance to nominate a candidate who was an outsider, who ran a clean, moral campaign, who embraced a truly liberal agenda.

Oh wait - WE DID.

Feel guilty now, Hellary supporters?

I just want you to know, if you voted for Slimery Pantsuit in the primaries, you're the reason Trump is in the Oval Office. You could have voted for anyone else (Deez Nuts), but NO, you just had to vote for a corrupt Proteus whose political views have changed over her 30 years in public service. Way to go, America! Maybe we got what we deserved. You got yourself into this mess. Nut so proud to be "with her" now, are you?

Honestly, Trump was right. We should have locked up Vagina Killington before she and the DNC establishment had a chance to rig the election against Deez Nuts. Then we wouldn't be in this mess, deez much is for sure.

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