Décor Trends to Try In Your First College Home
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Student Life

Décor Trends to Try In Your First College Home

Inspiration for creating the bedroom of your dreams

Décor Trends to Try In Your First College Home

If someone were to ask me what I’m most excited about for going back to school, one of the first things I’d say is decorating my first apartment, specifically my bedroom. In your first off-campus home, your bedroom is your space to do with it what you want. I think the following ideas are worth considering for your first off-campus house or apartment.

Bedside Tables

Cinderblock Table DIY

Create this minimal, yet sophisticated DIY side table using only cinderblocks, which you can purchase inexpensively from Home Depot or Lowe's.

Crate Side Table DIY

Using the picture below as inspiration, I bought two large crates at Michael’s, sanded them down, painted them white, and stacked them to make a functional, affordable, and adorable bedside table.

Urban Outfitters' Geometric Metal Side Table

This table is lightweight, easy to transport, and could complement any style. What it lacks in storage space, it makes up for in elegance and class. You can buy it here.

Book Stacks

Who needs bookshelves nowadays? Stack your books from the floor up in as many stacks as you want for easy storage and as a unique statement piece!

Exposed Clothing Racks

Don’t have a big closet, but have the floor space for a clothes rack? Use it to plan out your outfits for the week or show off your favorite items!I recommend buying a clothing rack if you tend to be tidy rather than messy because your clothes will be on display.

This industrial iron pipe Etsy clothes rack is handmade, functional, and ornamental, while this white Ikea clothes rack is affordable and can easily be spray-painted another color to better fit your vision for your bedroom. Here's some inspiration for how to use exposed clothing racks to your decorating advantage:

Hanging Light Bulbs

Hanging lights are a chic and understated trend.With these lights you can keep it simple by hanging just one for lighting beside your bed or hang a few of them. You can buy these lights from the Color Cord Company, which boasts "simple lighting, elegant design," a perfect description in my eyes. Color Cord allows you to design your own hanging lightbulb with your choice of cord material, cord color, and light bulb style. The company makes using these fashionable light fixtures easy, so easy that you can plug them into power outlets like traditional lamps.


Try to include some kind of greenery in your room. This study highlights the benefits of indoor plants on various aspects of our lives. Buy a baby succulent to test out your green thumb. (They’re very low maintenance, and they’re adorable!) Then, use your creativity to decorate little planters for your succulents. Use ceramic pots, tin cans, coffee mugs, or mason jars—the possibilities are endless.

Wall Art

One of my biggest inspirations for wall art and home décor in general is Alaina Kaczmarski. Read The Every Girl's interview with her, which is teeming with pictures of her beautifully decorated home. (You’ll see that she uses books stacks for décor, too!)

Macramé Wall Hangings

These were popular in the 70s, and they’re making a comeback. These can be sleek and chic. Check out this article on how to make your own macramé wall hanging, like the one below. You can also find them on Etsy, but they tend to be more expensive.

Pallet Bed Frames

I fell in love with this trend the first time I saw a picture of a pallet bed frame. It’s a decidedly minimalist trend that, in my opinion looks best when paired with white, gray, and black tones—the simpler, the better.

Hopefully one of these ideas has inspired you to take a chance and try a new décor trend! Remember to consider what you want to gain from your bedroom: a place to relax, a reading nook, somewhere that feels like home? Whatever it may be for you, seek to achieve it fully, and above all, enjoy decorating your new space!

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