If You Decide To Live In Presidential I At Alabama, Get Ready For These 10 Experiences
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If You Decide To Live In Presidential I At Alabama, Get Ready For These 10 Experiences

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

If You Decide To Live In Presidential I At Alabama, Get Ready For These 10 Experiences
Sierra Perrine

Presidential Village on the University of Alabama campus is a whole other world... from moving out of Tutwiler to Riverside North, to Presidential I, I have the experience in different dorms to say that Pres is a building like no other. From the absolutely terrible Wifi connection to the not so fun finds in the elevators, Pres is certainly a place you'll love to hate.

1. Horrible WiFi

Wifi in pres is literally the worst... I personally think a bunker 500 feet under the ground would give you better reception.

2. Ceiling tiles missing

I’m not sure how other people in Pres decided to spend their nights but it seemed that some chose to break ceiling tiles.

3. Pee in the elevator

Not able to hold it or straight up choosing to urinate on your way up to your floor? We may never know…

4. Random people walking into your room

Leaving your door unlocked while you and all your friends are in the living room seems like an ok idea, right? Wrong.

Not even four days ago a random sophomore drunkenly stumbled into our room and proceeded to vomit all over the bathroom of my two roommates. Guess who had to clean it up! Hint: it wasn't him.

5. 20 min walk to sorority row

If you’re like me and can and will sweat in 80-degree weather, the walk to sorority row or even the Quad SUCKS. It’s a good 20 min walk and if you choose to take a bus it’ll take even longer.

6. Yak randomly scattered about the hallway

Same with number three, human excrements are a classic when it comes to students vandalizing the hallways and elevators of Pres.

It’s disgusting but also unavoidable…get excited!

7. Four Loko and beer covering the elevator floor leaving a sticky mess

Still not sure why students feel the need to waste their alcohol on the elevator floor instead of consuming it but that’s none of my business.

8. Fight night in the hallway

Don’t you hate it when one of your roommates takes something without asking? Yeah, so did the two guys having a fistfight right outside of our room.

9. Random food smeared all over the elevator buttons

WHAT IS UP WITH PEOPLE AND THESE ELEVATORS??? Not 100% sure if it was food (I sure hope it was) but someone decided to smear something all over the buttons of the elevator so that no one could press a floor without deep cleaning their hands afterward.

10. People passed out in the hallway

Ah, my favorite Pres memory. Waking up at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning after a late football game the night before and seeing a boy half-naked, laying on the ground just around the other side the elevators, with human excrements not only on his body but also the floor and walls.

Must have been a lovely way to wake up later that day.

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