The Month Of December For College Girls, As Told By Rachel Green

The Month Of December For College Girls, As Told By Rachel Green

Holiday stress? Homework overload? *Hair flip*

Rachel Green (AKA Jennifer Aniston) is basically the queen of 90s television.

Though she can be a little over-the-top at times, Rachel taught 'Friends' fans what it's like to grow up and navigate ALL the obstacles that a 20-something will inevitably face. As a huge fan of the show, I find her to be very relatable...especially when it comes to college life. The biggest feat we are all about to overcome?

The month of December.

December is FINALLY here, which means... CHRISTMAS

You and your friends could NOT be more excited for the colorful lights, holiday tunes, gift-giving, and lots and lots of FUN!

The ONLY thing truly standing in between you and the ~most wonderful time of the year~?

Finals. Week.

Finals mean studying, and studying means stress, and stress means...well...lots and lots of chaos.

You're trying to maintain a positive attitude, but you can't help but react when someone causes you even the slightest inconvenience.

(It's OK, though, because no one can ruin your holiday spirit -- even a final or two).

You're evidently stressed out about finals, and whenever somebody asks you what's wrong, this is your (false) response:

On the inside, you're feeling a little more like this:

What's even worse is when somebody tells you that it's 'just a test' and that you should probably calm down.

Tomorrow is the day of the test that you anticipate to be the hardest... you're not really sure what's happening.

You sit down to take it, and you're doing your very best to maintain your composure. You KNOW your sh*t!

The professor put something on the final that he PROMISED would NOT be on it.

It ended up being (a little) harder than expected, but you studied hard and powered through.

Now onto three more exams... the only things standing in the way of a month-long break and CHRISTMAS!

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Joining Omega Phi Alpha Was The Best Decision I Could Ever Make

I will never regret founding this sorority when I was a freshman.

Lately, my sorority sisters have been my rock. From my mental health to breakups, these girls are the best friends a girl could ask for and I am EXTREMELY blessed for finding my home at Virginia Tech with this lovely group of women. Here's a thank you letter to my favorite girls in the entire universe:

Darien, I want to thank you for teaching me how to be a strong female leader. You've taught me to be patient, kind, and best of all how to love myself. Your calm demeanor and your charming personality radiates to everyone around you. Thanks for being so fun to shop for and the sweetest president as well as for always being there for me when I'm down.

Aileen, thanks for always being such a ray of sunshine and listening to all of my boy gossip. You inspire me to look great every day just as much as your makeup and outfits are always on fleek. Thanks for being on the sisterhood committee with all of your fun ideas and for always being there to help me set up.

Amala, thanks for always hyping me up and making sure I make it to class. You'll always be my favorite panda worker <3

Amber, thanks for always showing me how to book an awesome event and being someone I can look up to.

Logan, you are the epitome of class and your T-shirt designs are always fire. Thank you for always getting in proofs even if I give you little time to do them and thank you for always being so patient with me.

Saige, your advice always is the best and I'm glad to have someone as warm as you leading the standards board.

Meredith, thanks for always dealing with me ALWAYS needing to have a DJ and being annoyed with the budget. You handle our sorority's finances so well and I wish you all the hedgehogs and hummus in the world.

Angela, from helping me tow my car to making me realize I deserve better than being treated poorly, I'm so happy to call you one of my best friends!

Erin, thanks for always being the absolute sweetest and listening to all of my problems and being my favorite lunch buddy!

Jasmine, thank you for always going with me to VT football games, being my shoulder to cry on and picking me up even at midnight after a booty call.

Taylor, thank you for being my absolute best friend, loving country music as much as I do and being someone I can always call on. I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

Rachael, thank you for being my mom and being that phone call I make when everything is going wrong. You inspire me and make me realize that things will get better and can get better. You show me hope when I can't find any.

Autumn, thanks for being the best little sister a girl could ask for, I'm blessed that I found someone that loves football as much as I do.

Melinda, thanks for always being my favorite carpool buddy and the sweetest <3

To all of my sisters: you guys are everything to me and I wish I could thank you all individually.



Cover Image Credit: Melinda Reick

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Yes, I Know Criminal Justice Isn't 'Like You See On TV,' Yes, I'm Still Majoring In It

TV shows were never part of my decision making when I decided to be a criminal justice major.

As a high school senior, I am constantly asked what I will be majoring in when I go to college. Whenever this question comes up, I proudly respond that I will be a criminal justice major.

I am met with mixed responses, but the one thing I am sick of hearing is, "you know it's not like TV, right?"

Yes, I am well aware of that.

People often bring up shows like "Law & Order SVU" and explain to me that being a cop is not what Olivia Benson makes it look like. I'm often tempted to retort that there are more than just law enforcement careers available with a criminal justice degree.

And, moreover, while I do watch "SVU" now, I had no idea who Olivia Benson was when I decided I wanted to be a criminal justice major.

When people say they want to be doctors or nurses, they are mostly met with praise.

But why do we not point out that being a doctor or nurse is nothing like "Grey's Anatomy" or any of the other medical shows out there?

Obviously, those are great choices to make, and I'm not taking away from that, but why, if we feel the need to explain to criminal justice majors that it's nothing like TV, do we not do the same for nursing or pre-med majors?

See, it sounds absolutely ridiculous. Why would we tell a Nursing major that they'll probably hate it because it's nothing like "Grey's Anatomy?" But this is what we are telling criminal justice majors.

Sure, society definitely likes doctors and nurses more than those in the criminal justice field, which is a whole other problem in itself, but we shouldn't degrade anyone's decisions.

We shouldn't assume anyone chose their major because of popular TV shows, but if you do, do it for all that apply, not just one.

I understand the stigma that surrounds most jobs in the criminal justice field. I understand the difficulties of working in this field, especially now. I realize that a lot of people have no respect for this field, and maybe it's just something I'll have to get used to.

I didn't choose this field for praise, and I know not to expect it, but I do wish for a little respect when people find out what I am doing with my life instead of everyone jumping to conclusions and assuming the lowest of me.

As mentioned before, I didn't even watch crime shows when I decided to become a criminal justice major, yet, I am still met with people telling me it is nothing like television and I should rethink my decision.

Sorry, no.

My decision came from a passion for helping others, and a love for the law.

Instead of getting my information from crime shows, I read textbooks, watch lectures and court cases, take electives that suit my interests and read nonfiction books such as "Conviction" by Juan Martinez, or the book that really made up my mind, "Trafficked" by Sophie Hayes.

I say these things not to sound like a nerd or a try-hard, but to explain to the general public that yes, I am a criminal justice major, and no, it is not because of crime shows.

And, if you still don't believe me, I'll embarrass myself and admit that I used to think "SVU" was an abbreviation for a TV show named after a university, not part of "Law and Order."

Cover Image Credit: NBC Universal

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