December 8th Is National Brownie Day, So Here Are 12 Unique Brownie Recipes To Help You Celebrate
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December 8th Is National Brownie Day, So Here Are 12 Unique Brownie Recipes To Help You Celebrate

'Twas the bite before Christmas

December 8th Is National Brownie Day, So Here Are 12 Unique Brownie Recipes To Help You Celebrate

Brownies are a delicious snack that can be enjoyed at coffee shops, during birthday parties or any holiday. They are easy to prepare and feature a variety of recipes to create an assortment of these amazing treats. Whenever you would have a small gathering for an event, there's guaranteed to be a plate of freshly made brownies next to the cake and other desserts. For those who are allergic, you can make them without nuts to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy a brownie. There really is nothing like taking the first bite of a tasty brownie. In celebration of National Brownie Day, there are different recipes that you can make to mark this occasion. Here are the best ones to create and enjoy as you take a break from the holiday rush.

1. Buttered Popcorn Crunch Brownie

How Sweet Eats

The combination of salt, sugar, butter, and chocolate make this one a delectable treat. It makes a nice snack during a movie or holiday party. The sweet and saltiness blend well together. After the brownie is made the pieces of popcorn are placed on top with drizzled chocolate for additional flavor.

2. Red Velvet Chocolate Swirled Brownie

Averie Cooks

As a special treat for the holiday season, these brownies are red velvet, but contain rich and dense chocolate mixed with it. This one is not difficult to make. The brownie itself has a lighter sweet taste, but the chocolate is smoother and gives it flavor. Red Velvet is a guaranteed favorite.

3. Peppermint Pattie Brownie

Sweet Eats

One of the best combinations is chocolate and mint. The fresh and cool taste is amazing. If you enjoy a York Peppermint Pattie, then you will love this one. The peppermint pattie is placed on the brownie and topped with a little chocolate.

4. Rocky Road Brownie

The Kitchen Paper

Just like the ice-cream flavor of the same name, this brownie is sure to delight. The sweet and saltiness mix together perfectly. The brownie is topped with pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate drizzle. When it comes to desserts, this one ranks towards the top.

5. Fudgey Flourless Brownie

My Whole Food Life

This brownie is the best choice for vegans. It's very smooth and rich in taste. The brownie is crunchy on the outside, but chewy on the inside. Having it gluten-free is a positive as well.

6. Buckeye Brownie

Brown Eyed Baker

This is a delicious treat for anyone who loves chocolate and peanut butter. The flavors are amazing. The brownie has a peanut butter crust and then it is topped with a piece of chocolate. It's got something for everyone.

7. Cream Cheese Brownie

Browned Eyed Baker

Chocolate and cheesecake unite to make this awesome brownie. The swirls on the top look fun and creative, and the chocolate is rich and smooth. The crunchy texture and creamy flavor is sure to delight. It's a nice treat to share with family.

8. Marshmallow Crunch Brownie

Browned Eyed Baker

This brownie contains fudge and marshmallows for that extra sweetness. Chocolate, peanut butter, and a Rice Krispie treat is mixed in for crispiness. The combination is insane, but you will love it. Enjoy this one of a kind dessert.

9. Peppermint Cloud Brownie

Tara Teaspoon

Combining peppermint and chocolate is what makes this brownie special. It's a perfect treat to have around the holidays. The brownie has flavors of topped with some marshmallows. This treat will certainly brighten your mood.

10. Holiday Peppermint Brownie

Tara Teaspoon

This brownie has pink frosting for added sweetness and then smashed up pieces of candy cane on top. Red or light purple frosting can be a substitute. It's crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. You will love this delicious brownie.

11. Peanut Butter Crunch Brownie

Home Stratoshere

Here is a tasty healthy snack after a workout routine. The peanut butter is a good source of protein. It's topped with peanuts and caramel drizzle. This brownie is good for those who are on a diet and obviously does not have a nut allergy.

12. Chunky Blonde Brownie

Home Stratosphere

This brownie contains macadamia nuts or chocolate chips and almonds. It's has yellow swirls and is crispy on the outside. You can customize this one with different types of nuts or toppings. However, this brownie is made with vanilla extract instead of chocolate.

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