Debbie Thornberry Is My Spirit Animal

Crop tops, outrageous curly hair, jeans ripped at the knee, this is sort of weird seeing these pictures side by side… It also goes without saying that I have quite the collection of flannels.

Then there’s those days when I just can’t even. My day just doesn’t seem to be going very well at all, I’m crabby, hungry and just overall pissed that Red Bull Italian Soda’s don’t exist out of Seattle, Washington. Debbie living in the jungle against her will and me living in the Midwest, I can feel her pain AKA leave me alone or else.

Sub Debbie’s love for rock & roll bands for my love of EDM and various DJ’s and we have a pretty good match! Her obsession with said bands is over dramatic and unrealistic to her parents, but all I can say is “Girl, same." Not being able to see these amazing artists live gives us both genuine heartache, so we settle for headbang sessions in the car with our mains.

Though she is just a character on a cartoon, I could tell that Debbie Thornberry is a unique soul who has a lot of things to say, much like myself. In the show you would often see her on the phone or writing in her diary. You can look anywhere around you and find a millennial on their phone, it’s 2016. There are several times when one might think I’m just browsing the interwebs when my eyes are glued to my phone, but there's a good chance I’m actually saving ideas for my next Odyssey article!

All in all, Debbie Thornberry is me and I am Debbie Thornberry. We’ve been relocated to a somewhat undesirable location, but from time to time we find ourselves enjoying it. Of course when we realize we actually might like our new home we have to shoot back with sarcasm and wit, but that’s just the teenage angst in us.

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