The Debate Aftermath

How about no? If you watched the headache of a debate the last night, treating yourself to some well deserved vodka, you'd know as a nation we are in some deep trouble. Drumpf as whole is a terrible human, I will not sugar coat him. Unlike like certain celebrity talk show host (coughcoughJimmyKimmelcough) who try to show him in a better light I will not, this is obviously very biased. And that it should. This election has been a wild ride for everyone, from Ted Cruz being accused of being the ever infamous Zodiac Killer, to Drumpf's whole campaign. And that's only with the republicans. Then on the Democrats side we had Bernie Sanders and Hillary neck and neck, ending with her as the democratic nominee with a hoard of secrets. But you know what, that is literally the least of my worries.

There are tons of secretive issues within our government, many of our politicians have them but none face the severe scrutiny that Clinton has faced. But Drumpf over here has repeatedly hid key facts, such as the biggest issues being his tax return. Obama had to immediately show his birth certificate to show he was an American, but Drumpf doesn't have to show his tax return to show that he follows the law. It's mind blowing that we have such a terrible representative for the Republican party. I for one am democratic, but seriously this was the best they could come up with. A man who ran the debate like a 5th grader trying to bypass the 500 word limit using the word like repeatedly as a way to make it look like he was paying attention. A man who has such little understanding of how a debate works that he's threatening to drop if Hillary doesn't stop bringing up his past statements, you know like how debates are usually run. This is only the debate ladies and gentlemen, the debate. I don't even want to get into the rest of his poorly managed campaign that is just waiting for a bribery scandal to hit it with a truck of accusations. Now this is not an article trying to praise Hillary either, she has some work to do but gosh she is actually our last resort believe it or not.

You then have those who are going to say "Oh but -insert 3rd party candidate here- is running you can vote for them," let me tell you. You ask any stranger on the street who any of those candidates are they will not know. That is a fact not an opinion, you voting for them or not voting at all isn't you "sticking it to the man" or "making a political statement of how terrible our voting system is," it's you telling the world that since it didn't cater to your needs, you'd rather shoot the rest of the country in the foot than at least go for the least destructive option. Fact is that Hillary is literally the lesser of two evils, if we end up with her, hey it might be a terrible president for four years, not like we can see the future and it's nothing we haven't been through as a nation.

Drumpf on the other hand has a history of failures with big businesses, he sees us as customers, not humans. He sees America as a way for him to capitalize on his image, himself not understanding that politics are not the same as business. When a business hits the fan he can just declare bankruptcy, again. What would happen then with us once the economy crashes. He's going to move the blame, and here comes the fun little ~harmless~ racists going to blame anything that isn't white and straight. Literally this is how Hitler took over, I wish I was joking. There is no good outcome if Drumpf takes over. It's the equivalent of having trust issues with brain surgeons and deciding to hire a random man on Craig's list to operate because hey, how hard could it be. I could go on and on but I am exhausted from this whole election. Aren't you all as well?

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