The Death Of Trumpcare

On March 24th, 2017 at just before 3 pm central time, Ryancare or Trumpcare died. This came as a massive shock for those republicans that believed they would have the support to repeal and replace Obamacare. When it came down to it, though, the replacement bill just did not cut it.

The proposed replacement bill was going to be possibly disastrous for millions of Americans, particularly those with preexisting conditions. While they were planning to keep the preexisting illness rule and 26 rule, they were going to repeal the 10 essential health benefits to gain the support of conservatives. These benefits include emergency care, prescriptions, maternity care, child doctor appointments, mental health treatment, and many other benefits that help millions daily. Without these benefits, the population could become disastrously ill and many could die.

To many, myself included, this inability to replace Obamacare seems like a no brainer. Not only could it repeal essential health benefits, but it could put millions out of health care. While I know some who would go without health care would be those healthy people who no longer see a reason to buy care if they would not be fined, there are still millions of Americans on Medicare that would have lost their coverage. Yet, Trump seems to have been surprised by this bill not passing and is making it appear as a win for him.

Trump, you did not win. Today the American people won. Today the people who desperately need health care coverage won. Today, you lost. This loss is okay though because this loss is what is going to keep your population happy and healthy. This loss is what is going to keep thousands of my spoonies, my friends, alive nationwide.

Without Trumpcare, Americans will not be forced to watch as many friends and family members die. Yes, death is inevitable, but with Obamacare many will not lose their lives. My friend who relies on birth control to live will survive. My friend who thrives because of her pain medications will live. I will live.

Obamacare is not perfect, and I do not in any way support all of its parts. I recently debated for its repeal and replacement because it is a broken law. The thing about Trumpcare though is that it is a more broken law. When you step back and compare the two, the obvious choice for millions was to keep obamacare in action.

Thank you to the congressmen who voted against the repeal and replace. You may not realize it now, but you may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. You are the reason that we can maintain a semi-healthy population.

Trump, we will keep fighting you. Every time this issue comes up, expect a fight. Every time you push us, expect a shove back because those of us with preexisting illnesses are not weak; we are resilient.

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