Superheroes And Mortality

Superheroes And Mortality

Sometimes it's best to let go of our favorite characters.

We all hate it when our favorite characters get killed off. It may seem that the story can hardly continue without them, but it may be best if it does.

Comics in the 1990s often focused on long story arcs and crossovers, and Superman was no exception to the trend. The writers behind his four monthly series had planned for Superman to finally marry Lois Lane in a 1992 story arc. However, DC Comics decided to put the story on hold to coincide with a similar story on the Superman TV show of the time, Lois and Clark. The writers suddenly had to figure out what to do with an entire year of Superman comics. What started as a joke during the writers' planning sessions led to one of the most famous arcs in comics history: "The Death of Superman."

Over the course of a seven-issue story arc, they pitted Superman against the unstoppable killing machine Doomsday. The two fought halfway across the country until they finally beat each other to death and Superman died in Lois Lane's arms. The story was followed by the "Funeral for a Friend" arc, in which the DC universe mourned Superman's absence, and "Reign of the Supermen," which featured four characters competing to carry on Superman's legacy. However, the character was simply too integral to the DC universe to stay dead. Thanks to a combination of advanced technology and his alien physiology, Superman bounced back about a year after his death.

Major character deaths had been rare in comics beforehand. However, the comics industry realized that high-profile deaths didn't have to be permanent, and could be great for sales. Since the early '90s, half the superheroes worth mentioning have been killed and resurrected. Even characters killed years before "The Death of Superman" have returned in recent years. Death in superhero comics has simply become too reversible, and doesn't carry much weight anymore.

This trend is due in no small part to the challenges of a serialized medium. The most popular heroes have been appearing in comic books non-stop for decades. Readers require major, dramatic events in order to stay interested, but tend to react poorly if the status quo is upset too much. Killing a hero provides a momentous event, and bringing them back reestablishes the comfortable norm. As superhero films shift from standalone blockbusters to chapters in larger stories, similar tactics have been employed in recent movies as well.

More recently, DC and Marvel have taken an interesting approach to reintroducing dead characters. DC introduced a new version of Superman in their company-wide 2011 reboot. The rebooted Superman proved to be less popular than the previous incarnation, and was thus killed off quite definitively. Through a series of events too convoluted to get into here, the pre-reboot Superman reappeared, now accompanied by his wife Lois and their young son, Jon. Similarly, Marvel killed off the main version of Wolverine a few years ago. Rather than resurrecting him, they've chosen to focus on Old Man Logan, a version of Wolverine from an alternate universe in which he is the last hero alive.

This strategy preserves the finality of death, and allows these characters to break free of the status quo. Obviously, this solution will get equally tired as resurrection if overused as much, but it's a step in the right direction.

Cover Image Credit: DC Comics

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11 Struggles Girls With Curly Hair Know By Heart

No, I actually would prefer if you didn't touch my hair, complete strangler.


Curly hair, a true blessing, and a curse. Some days, your curls look great and the result, you feel great! On the flipside, though, there are those days where you run out of conditioner, your curls are all over the place, and your hair tie snaps. Here are some struggles every curly girl knows all too well.

Also, just a little disclaimer, while there are a wide variety of curls in the world. I personally have around 3B hair, and these struggles are therefore a reflection off of that experience. This may not be fully representative of someone with a different curl pattern.

1. It looks way shorter

Fun fact, if you stretch a curl out they're actually a lot longer. In effect, it takes us way longer to grow out our hair.

2. Trying to run your fingers through it

Just don't do it, your hand will get stuck, your curls will get messed up. Overall, not a good idea.

3. Waking up not so glamorous

You know how in movies the girl will wake up with silky hair that she just has to run a brush through. Yeah, can't relate. When I wake up my hair looks a little bit more like it is trying to see if it can point in every direction possible.

4. Bangs...just don't work

They'll look different everyday since your hair will curl up differently.

5. Trying to brush your hair dry

With curly hair, you can literally do nothing with it unless it's wet. Trying to braid, brush, or style it when it's dry just doesn't work out.

6. Always running out of conditioner

Using about twice as much conditioner as shampoo is just part of having curly hair.

7. Taking hella long showers

When you wash your hair, you can expect to be in there for at least half an hour. Just wetting your hair takes forever, since it seems like you have to stand under the water for ten minutes just to get your hair fully soaked.

8. So. Much. Frizz

Maybe it's slightly humid, maybe you didn't put enough product in, maybe your hair is just in a mood.

9. What even is styling?

Growing up I always had huge hair envy when girls could put their hair into cute little braids and buns. While you can put curly hair into a few styles, it's a lot harder to braid.

10. It gets caught...on everything

Sunglasses, headphones, earrings, regular glasses, zippers, bra clasps. You name it, my hair has gotten caught in it. The best part is that it loops around the offending object, and it hurts like a b#tch to tear it out.

11. Always getting told to straighten it

It's funny because I'm constantly told how people 'wish' they had my hair. Yet, guess what I usually hear right after? "Why don't you straighten your hair?" "You should really straighten your hair" "You would look so pretty with straight hair." Well first off, it takes two hours, and then top that off with the fact that a drop of humidity makes it fluff up...I think I'll take a pass.

So yeah, curly hair has a lot of problems. But you know what? People have been using curlers and getting perms all throughout history, so just think some people take hours to get what you were born with!

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