Death is a different type of sadness.

It is not the "sad" feeling that you have when you get into a fight with you friend or when you break up with your long-term boyfriend.

It's not the same as when someone you like doesn't like you back.

Or when you don't get into that school that you wanted to.

It's not like when you missed something fun with your friends or when you know you made a mistake.

It is an emptiness that cannot be filled.

It is a hurt stillness, like a dark cave you can't see the end of.

It is not a sadness that can be cured with comfort food, friends and a good book.

Losing someone close to you feels like trying to tred water in the middle of the ocean when you are miles from the shore.

It feels hopeless. It feels empty. It feels lost.

Death. Eats at us. Thinking of a way out. Fearing that the pain never subsides.

It is a pain that never quite goes away. Instead, it is something we get used to.

We do not resovle or cure the sadness, but instead, learn to live with it. Learn to live with the sadness.

Acknowledge that it is simply a feeling like no other. Nothing else can relate to the emptiness.

The only way to find peace, is to know the emptiness is filled with their spirit above.