To my best friends back at home,

I think about you all every day. It's almost our final year at college, where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday where we were all hanging out in each other's basements, hanging out around the bonfire, and going on random drives just to clear our minds every Friday night. Now, we only get that over winter and summer breaks. I miss those times where life was so care-free. We were all so excited for our next chapter of college, but leaving each other was an emotional roller coaster.

I love how we always jump right back to where we left off when we are all back home together. It's so nice coming home to your best friends all throughout high school; those few friends you are constantly and consistently in touch with. The inside jokes will never get old and the memories will never fade.

I love all of my friends at college dearly, but you all will always be my ride or dies.

I'm scared to see what the future holds for us. Only God knows where life will take us. I just hope that no matter where we end up moving to, or what our lives will be like after we graduate, we still come together for our wild New Year's parties and all of our favorite traditions.

I want you all to know that you are my very best friends and that you share the most memorable and favorable memories of mine. I know that we will share a lifelong friendship that we will all cherish forever.

Much love,