Oh, Trump. Where do I begin? Your racist and vulgar language? Your behavior towards women and minority groups? Your immaturity and weak vocabulary? Or how the hell you became the 45th President of the United States? Whatever the answers may be, there is one thing I am grateful to you— my interest in politics has grown exponentially.

Before you, I didn't really care much for politics. Too boring, I thought. Until you came along. Build a wall? Make America great again? (I'll admit, America wasn't perfect, but it couldn't have been that bad, that we needed to have you come and improve it.) A total and complete shutdown of Muslim immigrants? Honestly, who would be dumb enough to believe this trash? I thought that someone like you couldn't ever be president of the United States. But as you grew more and more popular and finally became the Republican candidate for the presidency, I grew more concerned.

On the evening of November 8, 2016, I frantically refreshed the polls, checking which states Hillary had won. Before I went to bed, I was quite certain you wouldn't win. But the fateful morning of Nov. 9 came. It turned out you had won. What a shock! But I decided to give you a chance. Maybe you wouldn't deliver on your ghastly promises, maybe you would be more considerate of others. Well, that was a mistake.

After you became president, I realized that anyone could be the POTUS. After your first month in office, I realized that you did not represent me, a citizen of the United States, in any way, shape or form. After witnessing the numerous protests and petitions against you, I wanted to project a huge screen to the rest of the world, telling them that you only represented a very small minority of America, that not all Americans are like you. After your mistakes and your brashness, I decided I would educate myself on controversial topics such as race relations, healthcare, gun control, climate change and so on. I have also decided that, in the 2020 presidential election, I will never vote for you.

Everywhere I am, you are there. The news, social media, my daily conversations with friends and family – every outlandish comment you make or childish tweet you compose is on view 24/7 for the world to see, in every country and city around the world.

I can't control politics. But I can control my voice, my time, my money, my knowledge, and I will use these resources to educate others.

Thank you, Trump, for transforming me into a responsible and well-educated citizen. Thank you for not representing the majority of this divided country or the values we stand for. But most importantly, thank you, Trump, for giving this new generation a taste of bigotry and hatred, so that we may never commit the same mistakes and repeat history again.