Dear Ten Year Old Self

Dear Ten Year Old Self

I would have never thought life would turn out this way

Looking back, I can honestly say that I could have never imagined nor pictured my life the way it is today. As a little girl, I actually recall setting unbelievable goals and dreaming of them as if they would come true any day. I also loved watching movies and visually placing myself in the scene and signing autographs because of my accomplishments. I say to express that I am in my thirties and my thought process, goals, dreams, and desires has changed drastically. No one never told me my dreams weren't realistic. However, my visual surroundings told me otherwise.

Going to college was far from my to-do list. I planned a get rich quick steam which is to make it big and live off my riches until I die. What if I could write a letter to my ten-year-old self? What would I say? Of course, I still dream of my name in lights one day but in all honesty, no one expressed to me that college should be your number one choice! I swear that my growing process would've been better and I probably would be a whole lot further than I am now. In two days, I begin my new journey into graduate school a new life, new era, and a new open chapter. I am beyond excited and blessed to have the opportunity but some days I wish I knew how much potential I had while I was in my younger years. My letter to myself would be written and locked away in a keepsake box for many years to come. My letter would say:

Dear ten-year-old self,

Never give up on your dreams. You are beautiful, intelligent, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't be a follower but be a leader that others will desire to look up too. Things may look dark on the outside but continue to shine and don't think for a second that you can't be what you are called to be. Keep praying for your family and most of all stay in school. Go to college. Travel and see the world. Worry about boys later! Never let your crown fall for you are the princess of them all!



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A Letter To My Go-To Aunt

Happiness is having the best aunt in the world.

I know I don't say it enough, so let me start off by saying thank you.

You'll never understand how incredibly blessed I am to have you in my life. You'll also never understand how special you are to me and how much I love you.

I can't thank you enough for countless days and nights at your house venting, and never being too busy when I need you. Thank you for the shopping days and always helping me find the best deals on the cutest clothes. For all the appointments I didn't want to go to by myself. Thank you for making two prom days and a graduation party days I could never forget. Thank you for being overprotective when it comes to the men in my life.

Most importantly, thank you for being my support system throughout the numerous highs and lows my life has brought me. Thank you for being honest even when it isn't what I want to hear. Thank you for always keeping my feet on the ground and keeping me sane when I feel like freaking out. Thank you for always supporting whatever dream I choose to chase that day. Thank you for being a second mom. Thank you for bringing me into your family and treating me like one of your own, for making me feel special because you do not have an obligation to spend time with me.

You've been my hero and role model from the time you came into my life. You don't know how to say no when family comes to you for help. You're understanding, kind, fun, full of life and you have the biggest heart. However, you're honest and strong and sometimes a little intimidating. No matter what will always have a special place in my heart.

There is no possible way to ever thank you for every thing you have done for me and will continue to do for me. Thank you for being you.

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'The Farewell' Brings An Asian-American Narrative To Hollywood

I've never imagined that a story like this would make its way to Hollywood, and it's definitely a welcome change.


The trailer for Lulu Wang's "The Farewell" was recently released. The film, based on Wang's own experience, stars Awkwafina as Billi, a Chinese-American woman who travels to China after learning her grandmother has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. "The Farewell" initially debuted at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in January, and currently holds a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

"The Farewell" is an exciting film for members of the Asian-American community, as it encompasses many of our own experiences in having family overseas. Having this Asian-American narrative portrayed in Hollywood is especially groundbreaking and important to the community. "Crazy Rich Asians" has received much well-deserved acclaim for its leap in Asian representation, but the film did not necessarily depict a completely relatable experience and was only one story out of many in the Asian-American community. There were aspects of the characters' cultures that allowed the Asian-American audience to connect with much of the film, but the upper-class narrative wasn't quite as accessible to everyone.

While "Crazy Rich Asians" portrays Asians in a way that is very much uncommon in Hollywood and American media in general and had a hand in helping to break stereotypes, "The Farewell" introduces a nearly universal first-generation American or immigrant narrative to Hollywood. In doing so, the film allows many members of the Asian-American community to truly see their own experiences and their own stories on the screen.

For me, the trailer alone was enough to make me tear up, and I've seen many other Asian Americans share a similar experience in seeing the trailer. The film reminds us of our own families, whether it's our grandparents or any other family living overseas. I've never imagined that a story like this would make its way to Hollywood, and it's definitely a welcome change.

"The Farewell," which is scheduled for release on July 12, 2019, depicts a family dynamic in the Asian-American experience that hits home for many, including myself. The initial critical response, especially towards Awkwafina's performance, is certainly promising and will hopefully motivate more Asian-American and other minority filmmakers to bring their own stories to Hollywood.


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