Dear Ten Year Old Self

Looking back, I can honestly say that I could have never imagined nor pictured my life the way it is today. As a little girl, I actually recall setting unbelievable goals and dreaming of them as if they would come true any day. I also loved watching movies and visually placing myself in the scene and signing autographs because of my accomplishments. I say to express that I am in my thirties and my thought process, goals, dreams, and desires has changed drastically. No one never told me my dreams weren't realistic. However, my visual surroundings told me otherwise.

Going to college was far from my to-do list. I planned a get rich quick steam which is to make it big and live off my riches until I die. What if I could write a letter to my ten-year-old self? What would I say? Of course, I still dream of my name in lights one day but in all honesty, no one expressed to me that college should be your number one choice! I swear that my growing process would've been better and I probably would be a whole lot further than I am now. In two days, I begin my new journey into graduate school a new life, new era, and a new open chapter. I am beyond excited and blessed to have the opportunity but some days I wish I knew how much potential I had while I was in my younger years. My letter to myself would be written and locked away in a keepsake box for many years to come. My letter would say:

Dear ten-year-old self,

Never give up on your dreams. You are beautiful, intelligent, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't be a follower but be a leader that others will desire to look up too. Things may look dark on the outside but continue to shine and don't think for a second that you can't be what you are called to be. Keep praying for your family and most of all stay in school. Go to college. Travel and see the world. Worry about boys later! Never let your crown fall for you are the princess of them all!



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